Xbox One coming to India, Russia and 25 other countries in September

Xbox One

This morning, Microsoft has announced new launch dates for the the Xbox One in various countries this September. The list is massive, but the big countries to really watch includes India, Russia, and Japan.

That's still quite a lead time, giving Sony perhaps an edge on distribution with their PlayStation 4. Other countries for the September launch include Argentina, Belgium, Chile, Colombia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Hungary, India, Israel, Korea, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Arab Emirates.

Eight long years after the Xbox 360 debuted in 2005, the successor console was launched in US and other markets in the last quarter of 2013.

Xbox One India

Anshu Mor, who heads the Xbox business at Microsoft India tweeted this a while back. Anshu’s in Redmond since last week, and might have been working this out at the headquarters. More details about the same will follow in April.

This has been a long wait for Xbox fans in India, but it’s always good to know the specifics instead of waiting blindly. No word on exact pricing yet. If you are on the fence, you might want to check out our comprehensive launch review of the Xbox One.

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Micah Dawson says:

I wonder why it takes so long. A nearly 6 month gap can make or break them as far as potential sales

Back at launch they talked about adding 300,000 servers to the live cloud http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2013-06-19-microsoft-makes-the-case-fo...

That's the only thing i could think of

The article didn't mentioned that its already *unofficially* available in those countries since, right after the launch date.

It's because they have to make service for each country with all types of content lic and country regulations...it was suppose to be the other way Microsoft was 1st doing it with the always on and game share. But with the negative stories that caused a monkey wrench to be thrown into Microsoft's plan!

WNxAshik says:

They also talked earlier about bringing Xbox smart search with local language supports.

InlineV says:

That pretty much nails it. Combine that with language support for Xbox and voice recognition support for Kinect and it is a much more significant task than many would assume.

Console cycles are not like the phone industry. The Wii launched later than the Xbox 360 and it began outselling in less than a year.

Jas00555 says:

Finally, the X1 will catch up in sales! Sony is selling the PS4 in 4 times as many countries as the Xbox. I think Microsoft has squeezed all they can from their 13 core countries for now.

MrDaedra says:

Not, it won't. People will just buy PS4 instead of waiting for Xbox.

Marco Gomes1 says:

Many already did buy the PS4.

I thought it was 14 core countries?

coip says:

September is too long. That's 10 months after original launch! Limited distribution hurts sales and is tough to overcome. That is what hindered Surface RT sales when it launched. Wish they could hit these markets sooner.

yay coming to turkey!
now if i only had money...

NightWatch71 says:

That'll be kind of awkward though since MS took so long to release 360 in here. The gap between the consoles will be two years :)

vietgamedev says:

save money from now ^_^

Rockartisten says:

I wouldn't be playing much over the summer anyway, so what the hell. I hope they release it with a sweet fucking deal.

Wael Hasno says:

September.. My God..

nuclax says:

When will you learn ms , when ?

whiteSMURF says:

Learn what exactly? They released the console to their core market based on market research and pre-order sales figures, and did quite well. Now they are releasing the console to their secondary markets, and will most likely do well there also.

spazzmeister says:

I already bought a PS4 in South Africa, I really wanted an XBox One. Microsofts loss not mine.

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swizzlerz says:

Your point? Do you think we care that you use a note? Go back to android central!!!

Mep2k says:

Biggest mistake was to announce the release date, and then look like complete idiots when they changed it to sometime in 2014. People around here thought that would mean feb-march, about 3 months delay. Not more or less a year. Just makes them look like they don't care, and that pisses potential customers off.

whiteSMURF says:

They announced the release to drum up pre-order sales. Once they realized that only 13 of the original release countries actually cared (based on market research and said pre-order sales) they changed the release for those other countries which showed lack of interest. That might make potential customers pissy, but it wasn't in Microsoft's best interest to place more time and money on producing early release hardware for those secondary markets.

Mep2k says:

I don't buy for a second it's because of pre-orders. Afaik the preorders for the one here in Norway was doing quite good, until MS showed us the finger that is. Now "everyone" has opted for the PS4 instead. Just really bad tactics from MS

herbertsnow says:

Does the secondary markets even have Gold service? Makes sense that MS focus on the US first.

whiteSMURF says:

Of course they do. There just wasn't a strong enough demand to warrant the added cost of supply outside of the 13 initial release countries.

Chemilinski says:

Oh they actually do have sense, great. Can't wait to see it in Poland. I am very, very tied between it and the PS4.
Exclusive franchises which I love and expect to come to the PS4 like Ratchet & Clank, Uncharted, etc.. but then the Xbox is a true media centre with SmartGlass. Tough call.

jjuswell says:

No X-Box for Ukraine? :(

rockstarzzz says:

Should we not wait to see if Russia goes for getting the whole of Ukraine to itself by Sept?

Chemilinski says:

The Crimeans will be happy at any rate.

Shot05 says:

Well, who need west region of Ukraine anyway? But eastern... Well, they'll always will be free west Ukraine, I can guarantee that.

Although Poland may want their territories back, so who knows?

spazzmeister says:

Lol at Poland wanting is territories =D
Last time it was Poland being split into two, we all know how that deal ended ;)

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Akash294 says:

Ps 4 was launched like a month ago here in india......and ms will b launching one in september......way to go ms :X

val.m says:

Well, I guess it won't come to Bulgaria any time soon, but good for all those people who will finally have it officaily in their countries.

Getting one from the UK was still worth it. :)

DenniSundaY says:

Proud to launch a device in other countries after the original launch 9 months ago? Okidoki

BattleHammer says:

Chile, and already got One, still long wait till arrival and have everything available, yes i'm talking to you Smartglass.

AndyGriff says:

This is nothing particularly new as far as games console releases go, is it? If I recall, the Sega Mega Drive (aka Genesis) launched in Japan in 1988, the U.S. in 1989 and Europe in 1990. GameCube was several months, too, and PSs 1 and 2 were very staggered, without serious detriment to sales.

whiteSMURF says:

Shh.. you're making too much sense. We can't be bothered to use previous marketing precedence in our irrational arguments as to why this release cycle doesn't fit our personal needs. *heavy dose of sarcasm* ;)

coip says:

Citing examples from the 1980s is outdated and totally irrelevant to the contemporary market. Not only is the videogame industry a gerbillion-fold larger, but this thing globalization happened and people largely expect launch parity.

whiteSMURF says:

Staggered launches are a staple within the industry. Supply and demand doesn't simply vanish because of globalization. In fact it becomes an even larger player. To supply all regions at the same time, while also trying to release your product against your competitors with scheduling parity is too risky a move for even small product markets. I believe they should have been further prepared to supply secondary markets/regions and possibly have created a tertiary market/region group, however that is all mute now, no?

spazzmeister says:

Enjoying your Xbox already are you? )

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Marco Gomes1 says:

Doing business like the 80s and 90s is an intelligent move.

Risvall says:

Sweden suxz, had to inport instead:D

kittananj says:

I'm waiting for it in Thailand, but I would decide to buy it in Singapore.

Gwenddoleu says:

Proud? For September? They should be ashamed! At the US release last year, Switzerland (and 11 other countries) were announced for "as early possible in 2014"... :-(

GP07 says:

I bet the price drops first and they're cheaper at release time for those markets and that's why the delay.

DJCBS says:

It would make sense IF among those markets weren't the richest countries in the World in terms of income per capita (Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland...). People from those countries have way more disposable income than Americans. So I doubt price is the problem.

DJCBS says:

September? Lol Good luck selling them here in Portugal. By that time, everyone who would be willing to pay full price for a console will already have bought a PS4. Unless those consoles that arrive in September come without the Kinect and at a lower price, Sony's PS4 will keep beating imtye Xbone in sales.

Ticomfreak says:

Except most people don't buy consoles launch year...

And Sony is already raising the price of the PS4.

DJCBS says:

Sony has risen the price in Canada. Only. And deservedly so...time for Canadians to pay for Justin Bieber! /jk
And precisely for that, they can't expect to sell 1 year old consoles at the price of launch. So if they expect to sell those consoles in September, they better lower the price.

spazzmeister says:

Price rose in South Africa too.

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DJCBS says:

Didn't they cancelled orders there? Or was that just a game?
Still, 2 countries don't make the rule.

The screwed up thing is that the Canadian dollar hasn't changed in value a lot since the PS4 launched, so why now?

herbertsnow says:

Only cheapskates buy ps3.5

irsyadhhs says:

Ofcourse. The ceo is from india. No reason not to market it in india

If you think a CEO nationality matters, you are dead wrong.

coip says:

Sociological and psychological theory says otherwise.

irsyadhhs says:

No reason not to push our lovely country in better place. Even only with a small thing. At least, our country can be seen by others:))

Well I guess most problems are solved by then and more games should be available too... Hopefully they've priced it better also. I can wait ;)

jason_tee says:

Almost a year delay...by the time comes the heat gone and less excited no more. Every single time Microsoft do things this way, why can't they learn from others? Sony able to release it earlier and Microsoft don't have the money to do so? Apple able to push update to all users globally and Microsoft love to do it batch by batch and every time when the updates come excitement gone...good marketing strategy...real good...

herbertsnow says:

MS makes more money on Xbox services. What's the point if they can't sell xbox live and all the other services.

lemonsteveo says:

Hmm, no Hong Kong or Taiwan? Any big markets missing from that list? I'm wondering if they will have another announcement for the countries that may get it sooner?

Gwenddoleu says:

Hope they won't be "proud" to announce the availability of WP8.1 in... November...

Sarang68 says:

Great! After waiting so long,now wait for half a year more!

mrllano says:

It won't arrive in the Philippines ever.

Was waiting for this, thanks MS.
PS: For a second I thought that was a Nokia X in the picture!

MrDaedra says:

I wish surface 2 to come much faster.

rb3198 says:

Should be below ₹40k

TheMacamush says:

So happy I imported one to Sweden in December :3

You're reporting 27 countries, but India is listed twice (India, Russia, and this list... and India's in the list). :-)

pr0phecy says:

NETHERLANDS!! FINALLY!!! After two thouuuusand years. Good thing I imported it. September was wayyy to long a wait.

MrLunga says:

Oh Microsoft, WHY?!!!! I'm not a gamer but this must be frustrating having to wait so long and lately Microsoft's performance is just sad from Surface availability to Skype functionality now they have apps releasing on other platforms without prioritizing theirs first and very very late WP8.1 (and I'm sure we will only receive it in 2015 when it's announced in April 2014! I just don't understand I mean why can't they just learn from their competition and release products right after being announced, why can't they just completely finish the product and announce and release at the same time all the other companies are doing it. I really like Windows but if it wasn't for Nokia I would have jumped ship long ago but I have a feeling Nokia is going the same direction the 1320 and 1520 was announced in Oct/Nov 2013 but they missed the most important season to cash in on it and here in South Africa we just got the 1520 and we have no word of the 1320. These are fast times we live in and if you ain't fast you get left behind WAKE UP MICROSOFT!

Talk4Lig says:

In Slovakia nearly everyone bought ps4 because ps4 is available here while xbox not and because ps4 has higher performance.

lubbalots says:

Don't sell in Japan.

eshy says:

Israel only got the 360 officially last year, they even had Balmer there to announce it so getting the one so quickly is surprising

Ruufus says:

Bad Russia should get no XB1 due to Crimea invasion and annex.

mms-pc says:

Now I don't care the Xbox One sale date for Taiwan, I'll just buy one from eBay.

Switchke says:

good i went to get it in germany. This finally a confirmed speculation from a few months ago.


Iggge says:

Bye bye Microsoft.... I'm tired of your shit..... Early 2014 in my ass!