Xbox One Launch and Prce

Xbox One due to land in November [Update: Price revealed at $499]

According to a pre-show interview with Rare, the Xbox One will be hitting store shelves in November. This is great news, and sensible timing, right before the holidays and all. Rare will be bringing back Killer Instinct, exclusive to Xbox. 

Since the Xbox event is ongoing, I'm sure we'll get some official confirmation soon enough. Update: Aaaaand it's confirmed. Will be going for $499, as you can see.

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SherryHitch5 says:

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Viipottaja says:

Damn... Is she hot and can she buy me some drinks too?

schlubadub says:

At $74/hour she'd be working 10 hour days, 5 days a week - that's practically slave labour and not just "a few hours" - she probably has to sell that awful Herbalife crap which requires spamming the internet, conning your friends & family, and trying to bait poor suckers into the scheme.

rajstruck says:

So in 7 days your best friend's hot aunt can earn enough money to buy herself the Xbox One. That's awesome.

stjimmie says:


blackprince says:

Ccccccooooommmmmbbbbboooo breaker!

In Limbo says:

Just start saving. I sold a bad kidney, and I'm working the corner now.
Come on November!!!

According to Paul Thurrott, $499

ChrisK91 says:

$499 in the US, €499 in the EU.

David Best says:

£429 in uk i think...

amcalexandre says:

@ChrisK91 U just have to move from £ to €

Rick Smits says:

Simon sage? Another editor/writer?

ggonzalez777 says:

I want it, but if it's like 700, it might be hard to swallow that price point.

inteller says:

you'll be swallowing a lot between now and then to afford it lol

In Limbo says:

That's how my first kidney went bad, lolol.

dbam987 says:

To this day, I have pulled off an Ultra combo exactly once... By accident too.

Mooncow27 says:

Sweet. KI was a favorite. They still should have Sonic Team make Phantasy Star Online 2 for it. Exclusive.

jsnod25 says:

Ooo PSO 2 would be sweet

L0gic Bom8 says:

SECONDED! Waiting for it on PC in the US!

TonyDedrick says:

Project Spark looks fun

jsnod25 says:

Agreed, looking forward to it

newfreeg says:

Cant wait for this game

Tsyokiss says:

Agreed lol, allot more fun than I expected in the first place.. :-o

DreadVenom says:


jlynnm350z says:

Of course right before the holidays.

dod888 says:

Not coming to Indonesia I think.

apocacrux says:

This was obvious.

paulxxwall says:

This is crazy I know a buch of people that just wont be able to buy this Xbox solely because of there internet connection issues and cost I feel so bad especially my nephew he's waiting on one but he doesn't know these issues so he thinks he's gettin one this year for Xmas well little does he know were he's at there no internet yet how do I explain him this ...damn it

Get internet... All it requires is basic dialup basically.

paulxxwall says:

Umm no internet no dial up none no 4glte only 4g but that's expensive

You don't have to be constantly connected... 4G would work fine, you would need probably 10MB/month to ensure it connects once every 24 hrs. You could use a smartphone even, I live in the middle of nowhere and wireline internet isn't available (other than dialup, which we don't use) but I can just use my phone, connect it for 10 seconds and then BAM! Working again. I think people who complain about the once every 24 hrs don't understand the amazing benefit of playing without their games, anywhere, on any console. Yes, having to connect to the internet may be a pain (but not impossible) for the small minority of people, however even they benefit from the abilities it brings.

tgr42 says:

Hook, line, and sinker.

paulxxwall says:

And if not mistaken min 1.5mbs for Xbox one he just called me and said max is 1mb and that's the max he can get

jsnod25 says:

Tons of satellite providers can provide plenty of speed, Hughes Gen X4 does 15Mb connection.

As a former Hughesnet victim, I would NEVER recommend that garbage to anyone.  Anyone that goes that route, be prepared for your connection to run at about 10% of it's stated speeds, constant downtime and a nightmare of tech support in India.

the92playboy says:

1.5 is recommended, not a requirement.

Either way, if you don't have internet, don't buy it. If you don't have $500, don't buy it.

I don't live near a lake nor do I have $90,000 for a wakeboard boat, but that doesn't mean that every boat manufacture needs to build a dry version of their boat that costs $15,000.

paulxxwall says:

You do have a good point but the issue is not the price of the unit because we've all payed alot for consoles before but why put restrictions on any part of the Xbox one we've always been able to "although expensive " just go buy a console put a game in and play not anymore Ms gives statements on what's going to be done but no statement why at least not in a way many can understand at least not me

That's just recommended for good multiplayer, you could use dialup for authentication purposes

If you want to take true advantage of cloud processing, i imagine you will need a fast connection. In all honesty as much as i love Microsoft, im not feeling the xb1. I think its a little TOO ahead of its time.

mango.lover says:

This just in: Sky is blue, DEVELOPING.

jsnod25 says:

Keep us informed!!!

walter1832 says:

New development...sometimes it's Grey.

Mayur says:

Sorry wrong information. Sky is not blue.

jdandison says:

They said COD was a launch title, then had an ad on the dashboard for Nov 9 release of COD, so I'd imagine the 9th is the day.

darais99 says:

I am about to put my preorder now

chsoriano says:

Where do we preorder?

Was hoping it was $399, but it's still a launch day purchase for me. Love the presentations, Battlefield 4, Titanfall, Ryse, Forza 5, Watch Dogs. So many games, so few hours.

tcman88 says:

I'm gonna buy 3 years of Xbox live membership I have a feeling Microsoft is gonna jack up the price

stjimmie says:

So that's £499 for us in the UK, nevermind... Always get f....ked over

429 in the UK, 499 in the EU

stjimmie says:

£429 = u.s.Dollar $667+ however ,does the $499 include the vat and what not.... Still not happy bunny

By VAT I think he means sales taxes and what not, which the $499 price is before taxes

just meant that the EU is being screwed too, not just the UK

sholokov says:

In the US, it's $499 plus tax (e.g. 6.25ish % in CT)

cckgz4 says:

I have learned to not buy any game systems on launch day. Not only are the gaming selections limited, you pay a high price. Then down the line,they add a bunch of shit that makes you upset because it included in the original. I'll wait

diplomat696 says:

actually i disagree, when I purchased my ps3 on launch day I got a free bd remote control and 6 free bluray movies via mail in rebate. If you shop around for a good deal on launch I would put money on you finding one but it will probably come via a 3rd party retailer not via MSFT directly.

andrewq911 says:

You mean the EA way? Lol

TonyDedrick says:

Definitely will be waiting. Personally, not one game was that killer app that makes me want to drop $500+ bones.

swizzlerz says:

Not bad for an 8 core computer...... My quad with 16gigs of ram was 1500

andrewq911 says:

Really?? I just upgraded to a AMD FX 8350 octo core 4.0 GHz (4.7 turbo) for $238 with Asus motherboard at microcenter. Upgrade! With your 16 GB of ram and that processor you will blow this console out of the water man.

Well...i am getting the one, but next year when Halo is due

Nejcooo says:

yeah and how much in europe? 1€ = 1$ i guess...
and every year most users will pay for that xbox live thing, and for games

andrewq911 says:

Yup lol. Glad someone else sees it

Nejcooo says:

pc gaming is accualy cheaper (steam). but people are blind, and are buying consoles.
just like apple fans are buying apples

Steam is cheaper, but big picture mode is not close to what the 360 provides. Also, many families don't want a PC hooked up to their tv all the time, with all the dicking around and upgrading that comes with owning a gaming PC.

RafRol says:

I got my 360 almost 3 years ago; I'm good for another 2 years or so, so I'll wait for at least another year. I won't pay more than $400 for the XB1.

tbonenga says:

I'm gonna pre order 2 (me and my son) still $499 is high. Microsoft should be selling it for $399. Sell at a loss and gain market share. At $499 they not gonna fly off the shelves. Edit: PS4 is $399. I might jump ship. If the PS4 has cross game party chat the PS4 will be my console. I'll still keep my 360 since it'll have all the apps the one has.

Chelsey Love says:

from what im understanding is that will have cross party chat, i haven't watched the whole ps4 section yet but i have friends who are raving about it from the end of the video when he was playing killzone, and a friend called in and helped him out in beating the section. 

i love playstation, and the ps4 is just over the top greatness with everything their adding onto it and sony pitching in as well for some other options. at 399 and probably bundled with some extra features its a steal, however they are changing the free to play mode, but its for the overall better of online game play and i can understand that. i will however wait awhile before i purchase it, i never buy any console from front line sales they always end up having tons of issues, and games are limited for the first year or so. 

however i am extremely excited even if its a little lopsided :P lol

Lych says:

Gotta love that it's 499$ in the 'states and 499€ in continental EU.
This is just retarded.