Microsoft looking to introduce original TV series to Xbox in 2014

Xbox One

Microsoft is still yet to release dates on just when the company plans to release original series for Xbox One and 360 streaming, but it's hoped that the first batch of new shows will broadcast in the first half of 2014. Microsoft's president of entertainment and digital, Nancy Tellem spoke to Variety, stating that Microsoft is a different beast to the likes of Netflix and Amazon but they're working on it.

"We're hoping we will be able to put something up in the first quarter, at minimum second quarter," said Tellem. "We aren't Netflix, we aren't Amazon, we're a different animal," which is a fair comment and we shouldn't expect Microsoft to rush out this new service before the company and teams are happy with the end result. Entertainment is a major selling point for the Xbox One, alongside gaming.

Tellem continues to explain that Microsoft's "here to support the artists and the talent. We don’t have the layers traditional media has. Our studio is very lean which allows us to be a lot more nimble and have a direct relationship with talent and help them realize their vision." 

When the Xbox One was first revealed, a live-action Halo series produced by none other than Steven Spielberg was also announced as being one of the first shows. Since then, not much has been publicized about the series.

When it comes to your Xbox One, are you more interested in getting stuck into some gaming, or does media also take your fancy?

Source: Variety; via: WinBeta



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The 360 was touted the same way, nothing has changed. Xbox is a gaming machine that does so much more than the competition and I love bring able to take advantage of it.

Agreed. Although I think that charging to access Netflix and others should not required gold as folks are already paying for it. Besides, MS is not providing the content nor internet access so why the charge? I'm already paying for Xbox live so to me it makes no difference, but I can see why less casual would be gamers are not purchasing the consoles. That being said, I hope this doesn't increase the $ for Xbox live.

Talbot690 says:

If I'm not mistaken the price of live has gone down. At least it was a few days ago picked up a 12month for $39 it used to be $59

Kreblon says:

$59 is the regular price, but only suckers pay it.

Talbot690 says:

Well that's pretty much what I was saying

Aaron M says:

39 is the deal price, sometimes $35. But I used to be able to find deals for $30, so in my book, live has gone up in price. I like Xbox, but given my freaking toaster can stream Netflix, im not sure I agree with the price of live anymore for what I use it for.

wpguy says:

For those who had the family plan, the net per-member price has gone up considerably. Its gonna be hard to find a deal as good as $24.75/member/year.

welsbloke says:

Agreed, the loss of the family plan is painful and 3 months of live does little to soften the blow. However it was simple the cost it was the control especially around allowances that I miss the most.

Rishicash says:

With W8/W8.1 you can broadcast IE Metro App based media (any) to your Xbox without a Live account by going opening the media in IE Metro/Charms/Devices/Play/Xbox 360 and voila! It must be in IE App to work.

iamoniwaban says:

I will stick to my ps4 and continue to use Netflix.

Jas00555 says:

I feel sorry for you (;

iamoniwaban says:

I wouldn't feel sorry for me. Its the best system I have ever used and I have used them all. Whether. Just staying MS is over playing the demand for this feature when everyone and their dog has a media service. Check out a roku. I have 35 channels that all have tv, movies documentaries. Its an over rated market that no one uses.

PeterFnet says:

And you don't pay for a subscription to use Netflix right?

iamoniwaban says:

Of course I do. Why wouldn't I?

PeterFnet says:

Oh ok. I'm out of touch with it, but I thought back in the day it was a bonus for the PS3 to not have to pay to get apps like Netflix.

iamoniwaban says:

Sorry. I see. No I dont pay to use it. I do pay for the subscription

coip says:

You didn't have to pay Sony to access Netflix on PS3, but you had to still pay Netflix.

PeterFnet says:

Very nice. I dislike only paying for gold just for Netflix at the moment.

coip says:

If that is literally the only reason to get Gold, than, yeah, it's not worth it. But for me, Gold us totally worth the $3-4 per month for online gaming, sending messages, app access like Netflix, NFL, ESPN, and Skype, and the OneGuide for TV (so awesome for free OTA broadcasts).

"Let those Sony 'Fanboys' wallow in their limited voice functionality"....Southpark, Instant Classic.

Jeyrus says:

>implying Xbox's voice commands are useful/good

Waiting on Cortana, but the current Kinnect voice commands on the One are pretty hit and miss.

SwimSwim says:

Love the South Park episodes with the console wars/Game of Thrones parodies! And let's not forget, Stop Touching Me Elmo!!!

Anyways, I'm genuinely curious as to what the cultural impacts of those episodes will be... They declared Xbox the winner, and they also hyped it up a lot more throughout the three episodes. Seeing as South Park has a massive following, I seriously want to know if those episodes influenced some people on the fence in terms of what they were going to get.

OMG55 says:

I'll stick to my Xbox One and enjoy the added features

Antluv82 says:

U do that, I'm telling u rite now PS4 is not better then XBONE

chucky78 says:

Are you paying for PSN?

bankrober0 says:

You have to for multiplayer

chucky78 says:

I know that. I'm asking if you are paying for PSN?

welsbloke says:

If you bought a console only to stream Netflix my friend you was robbed!

PeadarWagon says:

OMG! All the subscriptions will cost more than cable! Too much original content from different outlets. Please Microsoft just buy Netflix already.

mister2d says:

That would be a pretty expensive purchase if Microsoft did so outright. Netflix is currently valued at $21.7 billion. Didn't they just buy out most of Nokia? Lol

Yeah, with $7 Billion (pocket change). lol. Still they have a better chance buying Hulu.

Talbot690 says:

Fuck Hulu do they even support other countries besides the U.S.

PeterFnet says:

Turning it into a true media center replacement + pushing Xbox video would be a slam dunk for me.

adrian1338 says:

WIth this prices and the licence issues on muliple devices there is way to go for them to slam dunk

I'm more interested in a Microsoft TV.

Talbot690 says:

The Xbox One is so different I'm afraid the playstation crowd is just afraid of the change. Reminds me of when smartphones came out, people were like "I don't need my phone to play music, my mp3 player is for that" ECT. Xbox One is the most logical next step in gaming and entertainment. PS4 will be just fine this generation but I bet my arms and legs next Gen they will go the "All-in-one" route. If not they will be irrelevant, like Sega.

welsbloke says:

Well they pretty much adopted the pay model although plenty of new owners did not realise it. However it was inevitable as these types of services are not free and godnabit those pesky guys over at Microsoft actually made money.

Bloobed says:

The next step in gaming will be Oculus Rift. :)

Also, most phones played music well before the smartphone era.

Zenpharaoh says:

I hope this succeeds greatly because if Microsoft is smart at all, most of what will broadcast on this service will be related to gaming. This will boost interest in the Xbox One, and value. Love mine.

Tense says:

I somewhat disagree. I think some of the content should be gaming related, definitely, but Microsoft needs to prove the Xbox One's entertainment capabilities to non-gamers.

jchapman01 says:

I hardly use my Xbox for gaming anymore. I just don't have the time. Mostly my wife and I use it for Netflix and Hulu. A little expensive for just that but we don't pay for cable so it works for us. We have the ChromeCast too and are finding out that we enjoy that as much. I definitely want the Xbox One and use the advanced entertainment features as an excuse to get one more than the gaming capabilities.

Zeroplanetz says:

And to each there own. I'd only buy the xbone for gaming. All the other stuff I've no use for.

I certainly don't game like I used to. Just playing Fifa14 & RyseSOR but mostly using the ONE for Live TV, Amazon Prime & Hulu+.

paulxxwall says:

Fix the crashing to home screen first! Imagine watching a show and it crashes to the start screen in the middle of an epic moment ...id be so pissed .so yeah fix the crashing first!!!

Your system maybe faulty. I've never encountered this issue. My Fifa14 game rebooted after the last game of the season but I chalk that up to me downloading it from Xbox Live and not buying the game disc like usual.

paulxxwall says:

Maybe its just bf4 that keeps crashing

2k14 has same crash to home issue. But it occurs on the ps4 as well. 2k forums are ablaze with angry fans from both sides. I found that if I disable replays it will not crash

Robborboy says:

The crashing to dashboard is a known issue and is being looked into by Xbox Support per twitter and the Xbox Support forums. It is likely an issue with memory allocation

Talbot690 says:

Hmm EA claimed it was a problem on their end about a week ago. It only happens with bf4 for me.

Robborboy says:

Battlefield definitely does have a unique issue as the crashing is predictable. You can tell when it is going to crash before it does. Battlefield 3 shipped with the same issue, albeit it happened about 1/4 the time on BF3.

At this point all four of my games have crashed to dashboard, Forza 5 and Battlefield 4 being disc based, with Zoo Tycoon and Killer Instinct being digital. As well as the apps I use. Skype, Netflix, and Youtube.

The memory allocation issue is also to blame for the dashboard becoming a slideshow after a period of time using the instant on feature, requiring you to manually clear the cache by completely shutting down the console. It is also suspected that the unreliability of GameDVR is the result of this as well.

lerimer says:

They should sign the cast of hulu's misfits and continue the story which was very funny and entertaining.

Or, make a US version of Misfits.

John Morris6 says:

Or, the US should stop remaking anything from the uk and ruining it. Could you seriously see an american Dr Who

swizzlerz says:

looking forward to a great future with my lumia 1020 combined with my xbox ONE!!! 

jchapman01 says:

How awesome would chrome cast like streaming be for WP devices? Frankly I'm surprised its not already available.

SwimSwim says:

I'd love something like that. It's already supported on Windows 8, why can't Microsoft implement the same mirroring technology on Windows Phone?

densbucs says:

You can do this with Play To. Works with Xbox or a networked TV.

Robborboy says:

I think you're a little too excited for your Xbone.

AriesDog says:

Huge waste of money. Might as well take a pile of money and set it on fire.

xFalk says:

I hope whatever original series they create has a lot of nudity.

m0ja74 says:

One of the main reasons I stuck with MS for the next Generation of gaming.

They should hook up with Disney/LucasFilms to produce the never coming to Abc live action Star Wars series.

spaulagain says:

I have boner, star wars live action series, yes!!!


nbolmer says:

Just ugh. On every level.

Flavio76 says:

Thing is, "only us available"...

Even the music pass deal is not available outside Us...

paulxxwall says:

Maybe its just bf4

gevabar says:

The Xbox one cable integration is not crazy awesome its ok....infact the old cable navigation is not bad being that you can see a preview in the right corner of the screen and menu control is a bit better only thing I see with the Xbox one is that there are little picture of the movie.....and voice which doesn't work that well.....there should be a keyboard for searching through cable....physical or maybe on surface smart glass doesn't do it....

vanpride64 says:

i wonder how much xboxtv is going to be?

xboxfitness xboxlive xboxmusic xboxtv

even though they havent decided to charge us or not . its only a matter of time.

kc77 says:

I can't stand how people just bash the other system because they prefer the other one. Just because one doesn't work for you doesn't mean the other ones automatically suck. Some people might like exclusive games for certain systems. And hand motions and voice control might not be enough to justify another 100 or 200 dollars. I know it's not for me. Also, brand loyalty can play a part. People might want to support the company that they got their first system from. For a ton of people, that's Sony. For other people it's Microsoft or Nintendo. I'll get all three systems eventually, but I'll get the Wii U, PS4, and then the Xbox.

Bloobed says:

Somehow I doubt you are really laughing out loud.

Wii U will be my next console as well, it looks like the one with the most interesting games, for single- and local multiplayer.

Talbot690 says:

Yo kc77, I'm real happy fo you an imma let you finish, but Sega genesis was the best console of all time, OF ALL TIME!

lerimer says:

I have to say that it was the Dreamcast.

Robborboy says:

If it is as bad as Forward Unto Dawn or half of Halo Legends, I'll have to give it a pass.

bigbangboum says:

Microsoft has already lost the battle over the multimedia contents. Apple allows up to 10 devices (apple tv, iPad..) plus 5 PCs connected to one account. Microsoft allows us to have 4 devices and PCs. Xbox music is complicated. Adding songs to playlists and synchronizing is so much easy on iTunes. Apple tv is 89$ and Netflix is free. Xbox one is as you said a gaming console with some features. But Microsoft is doing this exact same mistake,they've done in 2005 with media,center: They are not trying to change the world, they want to make money. Steve jobs loved money I guess, but he was dreaming first.

That comment is hardly even a joke considering the successful lunch of Xbox one. Xbox music works better for me, iTunes was one of the thing I hated most when I had the iPhone.
And as much I like Jobs, I wouldn't nuthug much about the "dreaming"...he(afterple) stole quite a bit of technology and just rebadge it really...

densbucs says:

I definitely use my 360 for entertainment more than gaming right now. We no longer purchase DVD's or blu-rays. All movie purchases are done through Xbox video. Movies can be watched on Xbox, computer, and surface.... And at some point on the phone.... Waiting patiently for that app to be released.

lerimer says:

What I can't understand is how Xbox video DRM has a expiration date as iTunes video doesn't. I want to buy my movies thru Xbox, but the DRM expiration doesn't work for me.

Iggge says:

Introduce the Xbox one to Sweden first! Soon I'll buy the ps4 instead!

ltjordan24 says:

   Despite all of Microsoft's ambitions, the One is a game system first. Make great games to attract people to the console and then build out from there.

Mooncow27 says:

Just give me the Halo TV series and nobody gets hurt, lol. But seriously, I'll get the Xbox one when a Halo game comes out.

Edit: And Cortana for WP8 voice.