Halo television series might have found a co-op partner in Showtime

Xbox's Halo series might have found a co-op partner in Showtime

This past week we learned those original television programs Microsoft announced over a year ago would finally be available this June. Microsoft is primed to produce some big original content for those on the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and other Microsoft devices. The cornerstone for their original content is most likely going to be their Halo TV series produced by Steven Spielberg. A new report claims that Microsoft is teaming up with Showtime to make it happen.

Variety is reporting that Xbox Entertainment Studios is currently in deep negotiations with Showtime to work on the Halo TV series. The deal will see a television show that currently hasn’t been attempted before. Early talks indicate that episodes will air on Showtime first and then follow up on the Xbox. However, the episodes will have interactive content when watched on an Xbox console.

It’ll be really interesting to see how Microsoft fares with original programming. They do claim north of 48 million subscribers on Xbox Live, but opening up episodes to Showtime could certainly help give the Halo series a broader reach.

Other content Microsoft is working on include various documentaries, a hybrid stop-motion show from the creators of Robot Chicken, a detective thriller series and more.

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edtrunks says:

We shall see... If they do what Netflix is doing then great...

Jas00555 says:

Raise prices?

Wael Hasno says:

Ouch. I saw that coming before finishing reading his comment.

txDrum says:

They haven't even raised prices that much though, prices have technically been decreasing. In 1997 7.99 is worth $11.50 today (assuming netflix launched when they were founded at $7.99). Even if you went back to 2005, adjusting for inflation it'd be worth $9.50. Yes it sucks that they raised prices, but it's hardly unfair. 

Novron says:

Average income hasn't increased. Technology is supposed to get cheaper over time.

Yes but the services the hardware provides not so much

schlubadub says:

... You mean limiting their worldwide coverage to only a few countries?

MVogelezang says:

Will it be available at Netflix?

Probably 5 years after it finishes

elitelibra says:

I dont understand why Microsoft doesn't just turn Xbox video into a home for their original content and a model similar to Netflix and hulu

BKsInBarre says:

It pretty much is like Netflix & Hulu, but with more exclusives.

BKsInBarre says:

Except there isn't a monthly fee to watch everything.....OK they are different...except you watch both on a TV...bahahahahaha

thaman04 says:

Umm... It is similiar to Netflix and Hulu.  What are you talking about?  You simply get a Xbox pass and you can watch all you want.

BKsInBarre says:

Nope that isn't true, I have an Xbox Pass and you can stream as much music that is it.

Wael Hasno says:

You need to rent/buy each movie independently. No Video pass.

WixosTrix says:

Because you just don't start an unlimited streaming video service. It take a lot of money with content deals in hundreds of millions and you have to make sure you're going to enough paying customers to cover those deals, operations, future development.

Plus it's not like they would have much of anything you cant watch on Netflix or Amazon Instant, like newer movies, the content owners just aren't going to do it because they know people will be willing to pay for them still. 

Xbox Video will definitely be the home of their content, it just wont be exclusive to it, like everyone else is doing witrh their orginal programing.

Amazons awesome they have stuff thats been outta print for like 15 years

herbertsnow says:

Probably because MS has no experience making TV shows.

GelvinGSM says:

I can't wait... OH WAIT....

Pepe D Vegas says:

Is this halo show animation ? If so no thanks

thaman04 says:

It's live action.  With Steven Speilburg involved.  It's not animation, though it'll all obviously have CGI like most action movies do these days.

Pepe D Vegas says:

Ty that's all I needed to know. The cgi inclusion I understand needs to happen for this type of show however I couldn't deal with it being animation.

Think forward unto dawn but a tv series

xboxonthego3 says:

Might as well buy Netflix.

Can anyone tell me how can I bring the 'whats playing' and volume controls down by swipping? And not pressing any hardware buttons? I just switched an hour ago from iPhone . I have Cortana.

Marcovitch says:

You can't, you have to use the volume rocker keys

thaman04 says:

You have to press the hardware up or down button and then you can use the sliders. :)

Wael Hasno says:

Welcome to the family. Don't worry, fixes and updates will be coming constantly.

kurotsuki says:

For now, you can't. But I've read somewhere that it will be incorporated to OS updates, although it didn't mention which update batch (a.k.a GDR).

pinkymoshy says:

Guys how I can set up vpn on my windows phone help me

simphf says:

Get the 8.1 preview.

DJCBS says:

Showtime? Oh so know we know that no matter how good the series may be, it'll end up being abruptly cancelled. Just like they did with The Borgias.

DJCBS says:

What hurt? I don't even like Halo lol

It's just Showtime has no sense of quality. That's all ;)

Reflexx says:

Was there cost of The Borgias subsidized by Microsoft?

WixosTrix says:

They just need to make Cortana the lead character and make her suisidal or something, threating to destroy the universe. Showtime can never cancels shows with woman on the edge.

David P2 says:

According to Cortana, she already is the lead character.... Master Chief is just the "strong, but silent" sidekick...

Ashhar Hasan says:

Spmebody's been playing a lot with Cortana! Well, even I can't help it. :wink:

DaveGx says:

I feel your pain. Except, its nit just Showtime. HBO had Rome, which was excellent, but canceled because it cost too much to make. But damn, it was a great show while it lasted.

milfermon says:

Ah, that part of the week when news go sluggish, have a nice rest guys

Aashish13 says:

Yeah bro weekends are boring. But we know Microsoft works on productivity so even the employees work like on weekdays. Like working in offices.

This could be huge for MS and Showtime. Prime time TV show thats virtually a weekly advertisement for Xbox. And if done properly, this could be a good way for Showtime to counter GOT on HBO.

dkp23 says:

HBO! Well HBO pre req is to have a lot of sex on their shows tho

Seen curb your enthusiasm? You may be thinking of cinemax.

WixosTrix says:

Seen Game of Thrones, Looking, or Girls? Hell I wouldnt be surprised if a sex scene pops up in Silicon Valley, lol.

exkerZ says:


-- Bam --

Talbot690 says:

All that Silicon there's bound to be a fake tittie or two!

mms-pc says:


IzaacJ says:

I hope you'll be able to watch it without an Xbox video pass, because they're too damn expensive for the limited amount of content available in Sweden.

WixosTrix says:

There is no such thing as an Xbox Video Pass. There is only a Music Pass.

No way it could be better than red vs blue. In production value, yes.

tallgeese says:

You said reach ;O)

xmarklive says:

Why don't they just use the money the got from their sale of msnbc and start a new cable network called msx

KMF79 says:

Or XBC, the XBox Channel.

exkerZ says:

Let's just fund more red vs blue! Yeah? Yeah? I miss that show >< can't watch since I don't buy internet or unlimited data :'(

-- Bam --

WinEXMan says:

Couldn't get hbo huh

swizzlerz says:

Might? Lets wait for real news.

Is Microsoft also working on the Red Dwarf remake?

mms-pc says:

I love Showtime! They broadcast many kinds of TV series, like Shameless, The Borgias, The Tudors, Ray Donovan, Homeland, etc. Glad to hear MS' working on negotiation with Showtime, after all Xbox platform is not large to face the market, it's wise to cooperate with a major TV channel!

KMF79 says:

Shameless is such a good show! It's one of my very few favorites. I also think Showtime was a good choice. Though part of me kind of wishes this new Halo show would be broadcast on basic cable. AMC would be my choice in that regard.

Ah, so it won't be *that* exclusive.  I have a medium tier cable package, with Showtime and HBO included, so I'd probably get to see the Halo show episodes before anyone with an Xbox alone, sans cable TV.

Or you can just hit the torrents after it premieres.