Xolo WIN Q900s 100g Windows Phone announced, due in mid-July

xolo win q900s

As previously rumored, India-based smartphone maker Lava has officially announced their new Windows Phone 8.1 device, the Xolo WIN Q900s, which weighs just 100g. Pre-orders have begun for a launch in the second week of July.

The weight of the WIN Q900s is certainly the big selling point for this phone. At 100g, this makes it the lightest Windows Phone product to be released, at least so far. Even with its small weight, the WIN Q900s has a decent sized 4.7 inch display with a 1280x720 resolution.

Inside there is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 processor with a clock speed of 1.2 GHz, along with 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage, with a microSD card slot for expansion. It also has an 8 megapixel rear camera with LED flash and a front facing 2 megapixel camera. It also supports two SIM cards.

Snapdeal.com was the only place anyone could have pre-ordered the Xolo WIN Q900s, for the price of Rs. 9999 (about $166). However, it appears that Snapdeal has already sold out of its units just a few hours after its pre-order page went live. When the phone comes up for sale again, the price will be going up to Rs 11,999.

What do you think of Lava entering the Windows Phone race with its new Xolo WIN Q900s device that has its light weight as its biggest bullet point feature?

Thanks to the many people who tipped us!

Source: Xolo; Snapdeal



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josonjoy1986 says:

Yup...... We need these phones to attract more people..... ⚠

kenzibit says:

Secondly the phone has a beautiful design....wow.

Its a great phone by the looks of it. I love my Lumia 720 more. And by the way what the hell happened to the Windows key!!!

rohanagarwal says:

On screen soft keys..much like android..that has started happening with WP8.1

with devices like this coming out, Nokia is gonna be totally lost.
it's asha series market is reducing. X series wasn't that big a hit anyways, and first generation X devices not receiving the X OS 2.0 update doesn't help. lumias are no longer reasonable products. i mean this device costs the same as 630 dual sim and has a long lead with the specs and features.
a trustworthy name is the only pro Nokia devices have left anymore. even that is fading with the Microsoft aquisition, at least in India.

i just feel sorry for Nokia. they made a good choice by going all in with Windows Phone, but Microsoft didn't develop the platform fast enough. and now the legendary company is in dust.

ali27677 says:

Totally agree :|

ali27677 says:

Soft keys are amazing

"good choice" and "in dust" in one sentence, doesn't make much sence, does it? Going all in with Android would be a "good choice" from the business perspective for Nokia, had they done that, Samsung would still be the 2nd largest mobile device manufacturer (after Nokia), and most importantly, it would stay Nokia, not become "Microsoft Mobile". What good did it do for Nokia? 

Tips_y says:

Armchair pundits doing analysis work after the fact are dime-a-dozen, and they're all absolutely useless. It's also quite possible that had Nokia went with Android, they would have bitten the dust earlier without the $2B infused by Microsoft annually. They tried but they could not get the same concessions with Google - and why would Google when they had Samsung and all the other OEMs already with them!

And you probably don't read either or you'd have known about the woes of HTC, a major Android OEM. And didn't you also read the 2B loss of Sony, partly from their Android division? How about these 2 quarters in a row falling of Samsung revenues from their Android division?

As I said, armchair pundits with their after-the-fact analyses are absolutely useless!

Tips_y says:

Xolo (and all the other OEMs who have announced WP8.1 devices so far) does not have distribution channels outside of India so this phone will be mainly available in that country only and nowhere else. Nokia maybe slow in distributing their phones but eventually they reach worldwide. For that reason alone, plus the trust Nokia has built through the years, Nokia will still sell more.

But I'm happy that finally more and more OEMs are putting out WP8.1 devices. This can only be good for WP. So keep em coming!

Totally Disagree. Nokia now Microsoft doesn't care about Loss of Nokia's Market share as long as their Ecosystem grows....

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Bloobed says:

Not saying you are wrong (except Nokia doesn't make phones anymore), but there are other things to consider when comparing specs than the numbers given (for example, Nokia phones tend to get better reception than for example Samsung phones). None the less, this seems like a great addition to the WP -lineup.

your analysis is bit off.  First, Microsoft/Nokia has succeeded because now there are other OEMs out there that actually release WP.  Unlike before that its all Nokia, Nokia and nothing else.  This is their plan all along because the only way for WP to succeed is for it to proliferate, to infect other OEMS.  Now it looks like it is working.  Nokia will always be Nokia simple as that they will not be erased from the history.  You read to many articles from writers who does not know what is really going on.  Please take your medication.

Sp12er says:

Yeah... I think I like the design... Getting away from Nokia's Colorful for a while...

siddhant_96 says:

Not bad! In such a price.
Its good the options are increasing day by day :)

boxa72 says:

The more oem's the merrier!

Whi5KID says:

I guess it would be a good competition to the micromax phone recently launched... Waiting for a bit more info on the build quality etc review...

Tips_y says:

But then again, maybe not. The Micromax is a 5-incher while this is a 4.7-incher - AND the Micromax WP8.1 device is cheaper. All the other specs are the same between the two phones. But the lightness of the Xolo and it's good looks compared to the Micromax makes it actually more attractive.

Sp12er says:

That's a competition... Each with its own ups and downs

The capacitive button, looks unfamiliar for a Windows Phone.

At least they don't look like lagdroid

ahmedjan87 says:

It has on screen buttons not capacitive

AnubhavSingh says:

Man! this phone is beautiful! planning to buy one

ahmu86 says:

Xolo phones are better than karbonn and micromax... I am planning to buy this phone... Selling off my 1320... Too big....

Leaving Nokia for Xolo not a nice deal

dhruv07 says:

+720 bad idea

ahmu86 says:

Its more of a necessity than a choice... This thing is dual sim... I have a 1320(personal) another featurephone (business)... Carrying 2 phones with 1320 so big is not going well... Previously I used to work as a store manager where mostly I was sitting in a store and chilling so the size wouldn't matter... Now that I have started my own business... I have to run around mumbai with lots of baggage... People who know mumbai will know how difficult it is... Other wise who will in his senses go for xolo from nokia...

BlackGoku says:

buy a Lumia 630.

nanddeep333 says:

Yup I know its difficult to travel with a big size phone in Mumbai that why I buyed Lumia 620 small and fit in one hand

Shiba_Ranjan says:

yeah that's true though you will get used to it with time, personally am a 1520 owner..

PepsimanLeh says:

Its funny he wants to sell it because its too big. Haha!

Its not that bad... Because Xolo is not thaaaaat bad... It has average quality.. Don't know about service ..

Suhasa Su says:

Service centres are very less.

Tips_y says:

Sorry Pepsi, but I think nobody got your joke ;-)

Haha. He may sell.......if its big too...

nitiny8 says:

Sorry to join the gang, but Nokia L 1320 is better...but to each his own.

However I do agree Xolo phones in general are MUCH MUCH better designed, aesthetically build and every model happens to be different from other (Xolo Androids).

Shiba_Ranjan says:

yep.. I like xolo too. better than micromaxx

You wont get nokia love!

Well I'm not sure if you'll not see even more reasons again to sell your xolo even if you sell your 1320 and buy one now. I often read reviews of people on different OEMs on flipkart and other online mega stores.. Judging by that, Lava sure has better build quality than micromax and other local OEMs. There are service centres for xolo in my city (Noida) as well, unsure about others though. But I don't think selling a 1320 for a xolo WP should be considered a good idea :|

Shiba_Ranjan says:

yeah that's for sure, can't be compared with a Lumia..

No brand can compete with the build quality and customer service of Nokia...i m sure,he wont sell his 1320 for xolo...

NOKIA Lumia 1320 if far better than Xolo Win Q900s.

SgtBigRig says:

I guess common sense is starting to be less common. He already stated WHY he doesn’t want the 1320 its a Six-inch phone. Its nearly a tablet, this the whole "mobile phone" aspect is gone when you  need a holster for your phone.  Let him make his decision.  And stop  telling him he needs a crappy lumia 630. literally every OEM  has manufactured phones that beat the 630 in every aspect. 

BTW the "Nokia love" thing is a BS  since in case you don't know, nokia does not exist beyond a pile of papers in some court room.  Its microsoft brand.

Shiba_Ranjan says:

first of all lumia 630 is not crappy, second when it is said nokia you should understand that it's microsoft what he meant. and we still don't know what future holds. so it's not BS

ahmu86 says:

Agreed... But where to put the second sim card in L1320... Dude I know what I am doing... Give me a Nokia fone with dual sim with ffc, flash proximity sensor, 720p screen under 5" and I will buy it... I am using WP since 2011 Samsung focus imported from US..then 620 then 1320... WP was and is smooth on the lowest of chipsets Snapdragon 200 is still fast... Also I am buying Asus T100 windows 8.1 convertible... So when I need the screen size I will use that... That can be carried in my bagpack but cant carry 1320 in the bag... Plus a proper tablet is good for sending quotations and working on excel instead on a limited MS Office in the phone...

Peter Olsen says:

Thumps up ahmu. I do understand your choice. And the Asus T100 is a brilliant tablet-laptop, I have it and don't regret that buy. Brilliant lillte work horse on the go.

Pranay1995 says:

I am ready to exchange my L520 for your 1320 :P

ahmu86 says:

There is a difference between selling and exchanging...haha tuza budget kiti aahe

Pranay1995 says:

No No don't go on the picture, I not a marathi. By the way, how old is your 1320?

ahmu86 says:

4 months...purchase is of February end...

arjunan says:

Wait for the reviews to pop in because this phone runs snapdragon 200 and that processor is far worse than the even the one on the 520. Also, leaving 1.7 GHz for 1.2 GHz is also not a good idea

enzom09 says:

Where did you get that it was worse than the chip in the 520. I believe they did a benchmark performance test of s200 and it is close to the s4 (Lumia 920/925) chips in terms of performance.

chataddicted says:

My girlfriend use xolo q700 and trust me the phone will get 11 out of 10 in looks and battery quality...

Lovely specifications: Includes everything Nokia missed out (LED flash, Front facing camera, 1GB RAM, 720p resolution). Oh, and the cameras have better resolutions too. Perfect phone to replace my 620 when the time comes. Great job, XOLO.

Suhasa Su says:

Other company's 8mp= Nokia's 5mp

That's very true bro

Maybe wait for a 820 successor?

Tips_y says:

There's already a leak about a mid-range Nokia so yes, if I were him, I'd wait. But that is NOT to say that the Xolo phone is bad. The lightness, the way it looks, the specs, the price, actually makes the Xolo phone attractive.

girishN says:

micromax/ xolo/ karbon's 8mp << nokia's 5mp

Source? If you were to say Lumia 720's camera (6.7 MP, if I remember correctly) is better than the 8 MP cameras used by many OEMs, I would believe you, no problem. But the Lumia 520 and 620 cameras are 5 MP standard cameras. Unlike the 720 camera which has a Carl Zeiss lens (Nokia specifications page for L720 says: ZEISS Optics: Yes)

Yousef Kawmi says:

It's not how many MP the camera has, it's how you take photos and the quality of the camera.
i'm not a photographer but i took this photo a few months ago using L520 (amber) and without any editing or anything 

Tips_y says:

Great looking picture!

SgtBigRig says:

i take it you never owned anything other than a nokia

My samsung focus 2 camera can  beat your 520-630  camera  any day.  and its years old. 

Tips_y says:

The Samsung Focus 2 (WP7.5) also had a 5MP camera just like the 520 and 630. My cousin still uses his Focus 2 as a back-up phone. It never did take good pictures but you're free to make your claim.

cesar ruiz1 says:

That's probably true but this phone still has flash, better screen resolution, more ram, ffc, very light and probably has all the sensor's, the 630 is a huge downgrade from the 620. The xolo q900 is the best upgrade he can get at this price.

ebin5 says:

I don't know how these small OEMs manage to build lighter smartphones which Nokia is unable to do even their flagships are heavy(about 160g or so).

Because Nokia cared/cares about longevity. They were/are building a reputation for durable phones.

Very true. People will soon come to know why these phones are so cheap

ebin5 says:

Then Nokia should concentrate on building durable and also lighter phones.

Bmrk says:

And the built in wireless charging makes makes it much heavier as well :D

scgf says:

Have you seen the wireless charging coil in a Nokia phone? It is just a thin card with a flat coil mounted on it. A milimetre thick and a couple of grams in weight. Never understood why they left it out of certain models. There's even a mod you can do with the 925 where you can open it up and install the charging coil yourself.

What you said about 925 can you please elaborate?

More the merrier. :)

toraji says:

Please, happy to have them aboard...
Let the race continue ;-)

Ayush_WP says:

Xolo and lava are different brands

ebin5 says:

Xolo is a brand owned by lava.

guri21 says:

No as ebin5 said its a subsidiary of Lava

Tips_y says:

That doesn't stop either of them from coming out with their own brand of phones. So technically, they are different brands. I guess when Lenovo completely owns Motorola at the end of the year, the same situation will occur - but they would still be putting out not one but two different brand/ lines of phones.

Snapdragon 200. Does that sound good?

pankaj981 says:

Yes, it's a low end quad core processor but powerful enough to run all games and apps present for Windows Phone today in the store

Yousef Kawmi says:

Even asphalt8 ? or Modern comabt 4 ?

arjunan says:

It is a lower end quad core processor which is even less powerful than the one on the 520. It is better to wait for reviews and benchmarks before making a decision
And it cannot even run temple run 2 in normal graphics.

pankaj981 says:

It's lower end but definitely better than the S4 used on the 520

mahesh nakka says:

Looking very nice will gift this to my cousin.......

MikeSo says:

100 grams?! I think the electrons alone in my Icon weigh more than that.

Nice competitor for WP especially for Lumia. Having good specifications

Maanas says:

It's a critics warning ⚠!! Stay away from these phones (Lava , Xolo , Micromax etc ) they are not good , More applicable for windows OS . The app store is different too!!! Good luck for those who buy these !!!!

pankaj981 says:

Lol what? What critic are you mentioning here? Also could you elaborate what does not good mean? When you say app store are your talking about OEM app store only or the actual windows phone app store?

Manu Tyagi says:

What different App Store ????

Tips_y says:

If by "More applicable for windows OS" you mean that these OEMs will be producing crappy Windows Phones compared to their present Androids, I say, go back to the crack where you came from.

glassadam says:

Wtf are those buttons at the bottom?

TechFreak1 says:

Lol looks like someone forgot to submit the button designs in time...

Yousef Kawmi says:

But they look cool 

cesar ruiz1 says:

That's the new Android L with a WP skin.

twelvetudors says:

Is it not the lightest smart phone period? What's lighter?

Tips_y says:

LOL! But seriously, there were other phones lighter than these. I think Sony had an Android Z phone lighter but it's not produced anymore. Among the present crop of smartphones though, I think this is the lightest.

TechFreak1 says:

Not bad at all for that price, I wonder how decent the gaming experience would be on the snapdragon 200. Regardless we need these OEMs otherwise Wp's market share growth may slow down.

guri21 says:

Xolo is an amazing brand...they have done quite well in India with their budget cum feature filled android phones. Also Windows Phone needs such kind of OEMs...

Tips_y says:

Totally agree - I mean regarding your last sentence. As for the rest, I'm not from India so I wouldn't know. But from the picture, the specs, the price, particularly the price, I think it's a good buy.

guri21 says:

The article says its OOS at snapdeal.com & will b back with increased price...but its still at ₹9999 and up for preorder.Those who want to preorder can do so....its available as of now... I did preordered but not sure whether I'll buy or not .... If its available in any Lava showroom then will have a try b4 buying... Also don't need any new phone so early too... But that 100 gm thing is tempting.... My Lumia is too heavy....

Deaconclgi says:

Your Lumia is too heavy for what? Too heavy to lift it? What Lumia do you have?

guri21 says:

Yes its heavy... Comparatively to other company's flagships Nokia's flagship devices are still heavier ...let it be 1520 or 1020.... Btw I have a 1020

punkJD says:

1020 is heavier cause it has quality materials. And the camera doesn't help at all.

Tips_y says:

Don't you like that?!! You can actually use it to build muscles! LOL!

rajat_cg says:

Its still available at Snap deal for pre ordering at Rs. 9999, I just pre ordred it.

Hey looks like you preordered the piece, can you explain how this preoder works, can i cancel the preorder even after the release? any charges are made now or Zero payment on card verification? Thank You 

Wow but will still go with a Lumia any day any time

Raj Poladia says:

It will increase the market share in India....... This is what we need..... More market share more more attention of Microsoft towards India.......

Why Not says:

What we need is more dots.......

When windows phone 7?

It looks awesome! I saw the add in newspaper today

guri21 says:

Me too... Tipped WPC after seeing the ad...
Though the article popped up one and half hour after I tipped...
But its announcement was all of a sudden...i mean pretty less leaks

Snapdeal already sold out the units just in just a few hours!! I am delighted to hear that!

iamakii says:

Better than my 820. MS needs to seriously release 830 already!

Bloobed says:

925 kind of covers the 720 / 830 price range, at least in europe.

arjunan says:

Better? How?

Yeah just now saw it on twitter and got interested.It got nice specifications ,specially the camera features

taraque20 says:

I like the Liverpool FC bit.

Pratik Mehta says:

I should feel the weight when I carry a phone..

guri21 says:

Tie a piece of stone to this :P
Just kidding :D

ahmu86 says:

If you put a cover/ case the weight will increase

Nice phone but I love my Lumia 720. So a big noooooo.

Xolo for Nokia...kabhi nahin.....no never.......

enzom09 says:

Hmm 4g? Can we get this for the US? Is it unlocked? Seems like a great backup phone for around 170 bucks.

Phones in India are always sold unlocked, and almost always without 4G. This phone won't be sold in US by XOLO at least - so stop thinking about it.

enzom09 says:

I looked it up on gsmarena and it only supports up to 3g :/. That's a shame. It had all the same bands as AT&T too...

As I said, Indian phones do NOT usually include 4G, because apart than one or two cities in India where one carrier has 4G network, no other area of the country has 4G available.

pankaj981 says:

Here in the US, HSPA+ is marketed as 4G

Tips_y says:

Yes, I also want 4G/LTE but I don't think this phone has it. The Hisense WP8.1 phone will have 4G/LTE but it will only be sold in China by the carrier China Telecom to their subscribers.

Jason Joseph says:

Does xolo get offline map support as we get in Nokia lumia models?

12Danny123 says:

yes. you also get HERE drive + as well :)

ahmu86 says:

Now that nokia is no more... Microsoft will give most of the exclusive stuff to every 1 as its a win win situation if any of the OEM sells... Profit is coming to MS

Nitaino says:

Wow when Nokia (cough cough) Microsoft will make a light high end device?

Aashish13 says:

Nokia is meant for tough quality. And I really love the 1020 quality

Faklur says:

More oem more developer more apps are coming, more user and more fun using windowsphone

Why don't I see on screen buttons or the windows logo hardware button! Pretty good phone though.. Value for money! Not sure I want a light phone, 140-150gms is the sweet spot for me

arjunan says:

Exactly. Ithiri bhaaram venam.

I keep saying this. 512 MB RAM is sufficient for the phone to work but not to sell the phone. The sooner they realize, the better.

"512 MB RAM is sufficient for the phone to work"

512 MB RAM is a major constraint. Many of the games are not released for 512 MB RAM devices, even if the Snapdragon chip inside is enough to power it. Many of those that do get released come months after 1 GB RAM versions (Temple Run 2 and Subway Surfers being recent examples). Apart from that I challenge you to open 3 websites in 3 tabs in IE and switch to the other two tabs without the webpage getting reloaded - on a 512 MB RAM phone. And these are just the main annoyances I can think of right now.

Ehhh.. If you open more than 3 pages on 1GB RAM phones, it does the same. Internet Explorer is also crashing alot on the Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview, on both High-End and Low-End devices. So I am assuming it will get better when official Nokia Cyan update is released.
And about the gaming issue for 512 MB RAM, it's more of a coding issue than RAM.
Especially with the Windows Phone 8.1 increases RAM efficiency, it gives enough RAM to run games like Fifa 14 & Spiderman smoothly - if they are optimized properly.
To give you an example, most of the games like Subway Surfers & Temple Run are present on iPhone 3GS which have pathetic 256 MB RAM & 600 MHz Single-Core processor.
And games like FIFA 14, GTA San Andreas runs smoothly on iPhone 4s, which have 512 MB Ram and 800 Mhz Dual-Core processor, so it's definitely not RAM issue.
The devs are just lazy to optimize the games properly.

OK, I give in. But developers won't change things easily - when developing for WP is a last priority for most developers, I don't expect them to optimize apps. Earlier, they had to, because of the popularity of the iPhones. In short, for those actually wanting to get all the great games running good enough, now and in the future, get a 1 GB RAM WP.
Edit: And I never said the OS isn't stable on low RAM. WP 8.1 DP works fine here - L620.

Rangan Das says:

A lovely phone, but for me, the Windows key design is gonna be a deal breaker. Will recommend this phone to others, but might not use it myself. Will stick to Lumia devices as long as they manufacture decent devices...

12Danny123 says:

The Windows Key design is not real. The phone will VERY likely have a Windows Phone buttons

Winnabe says:

The phone looks gorgeous!

It doesn't have windows key like in Lumia on the lower panel. Also search

SgtBigRig says:

I dont like it....too thin for my taste lol.  

Seems like 8mp is the standard of OEMs.  

Superb.... I was waiting for Lumia 730 , but after seeing this Mobile. .I will no more wait for it...
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MadSci2 says:

More the merrier!

Seems like a lot of Windows phones are coming. Windows phone is getting better each time. A cheap phone with all those good features is always welcome. I don't think Microsoft is getting weaker, because their strong is business, for the contrary they are just making a great device usable on either desktop, laptop or touch mode, giving out a lot of jobs within their stores, probably in a slow pace specially with apps, but tech is something can switch at anytime. Good for Microsoft.

okay, 100gr, that be the lightest of all wp's.. but still i dont get it?
who'd want a phone that doesnt weight something?
i mean, heavier is in my opinion better, it feels as if you re holding something.. but then again it might jist be me :3

harisyousaf says:

Can I download apps like imagine an,proshoot on this device?

Well I got a HTC 8x it does me fine especially with 8.1 installed its like a new phone to me

are xolo phones of good quality?i would like a 2nd phone with my 1520.was considering bbz3 but they priced it out from  me   .specs seems to be good with wp 8.1 . havent tried these brands so far?is xolo better than micromax ,carbon,gionee type of low cost phone brands?

Hey lumia 730 will have excellent camera for selfie photo. 5" screen, snapdragon 400

But, when will Nokia release 730.....?

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Cree Ray says:

Nokia, even with its bottom line models are treated as a premium ones. With cheaper phones coming in, brand value always rakes in the moolah.... And yeah, Nokia is known for its build quality, rest, only time will tell.

My first smartphone was a low end micromax android which has been dropped over and over again and still works great after more than a year (and its android version is super optimized and fast) my 2nd and current smartphone is another wonderful one, Lumia 520. My sister also has an micromax which runs great. And everyone I've met who has a micromax reports almost no issue with the phone so why is there such a negative view on micromax's quality? (btw I'm a Nokia and WP user and prefer wp)

raiinman says:

Nice looking phone with great specs. Take a cue Microsoft. These are the specs and price point that will help grow WP. Happy to see more and more manufacturers coming aboard. Good luck to them all.

raiinman says:

What does the little circle at the bottom represent? Quick access to Cortana maybe or menu?

Sold out in an hour by snap deal!

Hey Guys, can anyone axplain whether i can cancel the preorder if i dont want the phone? how this pre order works? how they take preorder, i mean any charge or just a zero INR preorder? 

KMF79 says:

The more the better.

QilleRz says:

Yes for 1gb of RAM

Sure is great news that more OEMs are starting to go the WP way, but I doubt I'll ever give up on the Lumia series for any of them...even if they offer superior specs cause :

1) Nokia delivers what they promise, unlike the others who promise 8MP, when in actuality its only about 5MP

2) Durability - Lumias may be heavier & bulkier, but they are carrying on the 3310 legacy to some extent

3) After sales support - Nokia service centers are easier to locate & provide better service than micromax, don't know about xolo & lava though.

& lastly, whats with those buttons ??  

Nihalnova says:

I know only one thing.. This phone is going to be a super popular phone... Hugely popular.. And Microsoft's Windows phone market share will get some momentum

ShreyansShah says:

It looks like snapdeal is comely useless and cannot be trusted. As I registered for pre order of this phone and no update till today (they announced deliveries in 2nd week of July), I called snapdeal today. They had no updates. I asked for contact details of seller i.e. Mobile point, they have none. They do not have address, no contact, not even email. There is no way to contact. They asked me to Google it. How can we trust snapdeal?

Hello! I'm Italian 
I wanted to know if I could buy the same, making ship from India

Marees123 says:

Buying an unknown brand from India is highly Risky. I sincerely advise you not to do that as I can gurantee if any issues, you wont find any support for XOLO in Italy.

Another issue, seems to be that XOLO is having issues with 720p Dragon Tail screen. So the phone is perennially out-of-stock and now they started selling Android XOLO Q900S with lesser resolution and without Dragon Tail. which means reliability issues in the Win Q900s screen have not yet been resolved. So stay away!!!


i contacted flipkart 3 times via call and one time via email. they gave me deafline of today 3:30 pm but , till this time none has redressed my issue of wrong xolo win q900s . when i called again today, they again gave me deadline of 30 july 4pm. what a way to fool customers and do farud. i have never expected this from flipkart. i was assured from customer care before buying the product by call and via email that i will definetly get windows version of xolo win q900s , and if by accident i get the wrong phone they would immediately provide refund and return within prescribed time frame. I am really very sad and disappointed by this behavior of flipkart.

WHEN is this phone going to be released? They had earlier announced July.. but we are in mid August now!