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Yellow Nokia Lumia 920 stands out in latest Kelly Clarkson music video

It's another music video, another Lumia Windows Phone and another product placement. Oh come on, we know you love these feel good articles! This time we're visiting Kelly Clarkson and her new single, "People Like Us." The yellow Lumia 920 has been utilised in the video, but what is it all about? Honestly, I have no idea. It's late so the brain is shutting down for the evening, but I do know Clarkson likes her BMW Z4.

So there you have it. We've sorted the code above and the link below to start the video where the Lumia 920 is featured, but be sure to check out the entire video if you're into this type of music - it's a decent track. We're kicking through the weekend and figured a feel good article would be perfect. So what do you make of the artist's new video?

Source: YouTube; thanks, Evster88, for the tip!



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RyanAMG says:

Video won't play

RyanAMG says:

Thank you :)

Rockartisten says:

Not fixed for 7.8:-)

mase123987 says:

She is performing for the MS Store opening in Indianapolis later this month.

MDak280 says:

She also preformed when the MS store opened in Beachwood, Ohio.

agm353 says:

And the one in San Antonio, Texas.

jaimeastin says:

And Corte Madera, CA last November...

What I thought about the comments hating about the Lumia/Windows Phone being advertised in a music video (this, We Are Young, the other one with JLo)
"Show a Lumia colored phone in a music video that stands out, and everyone loses their minds."
I think this video summarizes the music video and the people hating/disliking how Nokia devices are being shown in music videos.

PBNkapamilya says:

Wow. It's like the music video is a great metaphor for Windows Phone users living amongst a sea of "colorless" iPhone and Android users, kinda like that Lumia animated advert.

triggerblame says:

I tipped this a few days ago! Come on...

MrVol84 says:

WP does that sometimes.. I feel your pain! Lol

Luminatic says:

Sigh. Same here. Lol

HarkAtYou says:

I've tried tipping a few times, but the email always fails and bounces back, so i gave up.

This Is Not New Nokia Lumia Phones in Music Video.Flo Rida Ft SIA Wild Ones Lumia 900 FUN We Are Young

Fun we are young had the HTC Titan 2 cool video

Andresuxx says:

It had the Lumia 710 actually

joanzen says:

"This video format isn't supported."

starblade876 says:

Get the Vevo app :)

kittananj says:

Watch on MetroTube.

rodneyej says:

Screw tha Lumia!.. KC is Hoooooot!

barttool says:

The ad placement in this one is so stupidly obvious. In the others it's like "oh, he throws out a phone, it has to do with the 'fun' theme". In this one is like 'Hurr let's just put in this scene where this person takes a photo"

Luminatic says:

Hey, how are people giving these kind of tips here? I mentioned this in the forum about a week ago ..,

cybermoose89 says:

Annoying tunes yet again though did any one notice the 920 went from yellow to green?

blackprince says:

oh no portrait pictures! :(

ivo03 says:

Anyone notices how hard it is for her to hold the "super heavy" L920 phone with one hand?

JKOgden says:

No... I don't see her struggling at all. Nice try.

Flavio76 says:

I love the "old" YouTube from MS, is there a way to backup this app before I lose it?

DavidinCT says:

It's clear that Nokia and BMW paid for their products to be used in the video. Nice...

Storl says:

Uh thats how it goes for all product placements, it's paid.

brupub says:

Why does WPCentral continue to post videos that can't be viewed on my Windows Phone? Nokia Lumia 900 7.8

mayur89 says:

this video isn't supported on my lumia 710....

Jazmac says:

Nice catch. But the song is bangin'.  I like. But with a song like this, its not a bad idea to show the phone. Best adverts ever.

cdb033 says:

Vid won't play