Yo, Yo is now available for Windows Phone


Yo. It's a new app that took Android and iOS by storm recently. It's now officially available on Windows Phone. Yo.


Yo. So there isn't much to Yo. It's an app, that's had a moment in the tech world. It's super simple app for communicating with your friends and family. All you do is send them a 'yo'.

So take Yo for a spin and let us know what you think. I don't know what I think about this to be honest. But it's now officially on Windows Phone. So I just had to tell you, yo.

Thanks for the tip everyone!

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TLRtheory says:

So this is pretty much just Facebook... except with nothing but the pokes?

captainj87 says:

Broken as f**k on 1520

SargeT says:

920 8.1, damn glitchy, can't even sign up

Sounds like an app Jesse Pinkman would develop

ZloiYuri says:

I think I need app "Hm...."

SargeT says:

App Studio welcomes you. Why when someone does some positive thing then comes some skeptic shit and says "hm..."?

Lumia 8x says:

Pinkman needs his hair back.

TonyDedrick says:

Any Breaking Bad reference gives me the itch to go back and rewatch it

IceDree says:

Yo, Dafuq is Yo?

guillams says:

Is the first person of the singular in spanish!

Eroneko says:

Yo apruebo tu comentario

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guillams says:

Tú sabes de eso bro!

scdkad says:

If you were from Philadelphia you'd understand

Robert Grant says:

Not exactly complicated no matter where you're from.

kevin_poo says:

Yo, "Yo" means "Yes" in Bahasa Jawa (Javanese Language) here

For example:
A: Can you pick me up at 7?
B: Yo, okay

fahad kazi says:

Is the app even working sam? I am not even able to signup. When I try to multitask back and forth to the app it lets me enter the username but password I am not able to do it. Any idea?

vansiv says:

IOS, Android and WP..We are the 3rd ecosystem (im taking to you, flipboard...).

Nik Rolls says:

Android had it at the same time as iOS. EDIT: You edited your comment and now my reply makes no sense, yo.

pgg101 says:

The app makes no sense. That's 517kb of data I can never get back.

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goldenpipes says:

And NHL Gamecenter. They have bb app but no WP.... Le sigh

mateole17 says:

I really wish there was a Siriusxm app

TonyDedrick says:

I called out Flipboard about whether or not the app is going to ever make it. I asked for them to be honest and just say its not gonna happen. They actually responded and said to hold tight, it's coming.

ven07 says:

...by storm last recently... You were too excited huh :P

SeraphX2 says:

Don't think too hard about their grammar. They don't do any checks before posting.

"Yo" sent to Sam Sabri.

Nope. Can you believe this thing is already being courted by investors? No thanks, my phone has a live tile and I can Yo! my significant others that way. Plus I can also do things that Yo! can't do, like actually communicate valuable information.

jaywinjv says:

Oooh we got a badass over here, yo!

E Lizzle says:

Just wait until it adds in-app purchases, where you'll pay to enable each word you want to use beyond "Yo"! $$$


geral77 says:

Yo send this App to the trash can!!

Bing News, Weather and Finance updated, more interesting then that.

mango.lover says:

No Bing Sports? I wish we had lockscreen notifications for sports scores, especially for the FIFA World Cup Brasil 2014.

SofaScore it's great.

SumairB says:

Sofascore is awesome, yo!

douglasbaiao says:

Yo dawg, I heard you like Yo

I see what you did there

Rubenidas says:

"Yo dawg, I heard you like Yo".... So I put a yo in yo yo-yo!

euichii says:

Yo Sam? Kamusta?

fahad kazi says:

Am I the only one for whom the app is running slow. When on the signup page it takes ages to get the keyboard for inputting the unable.

andynew89 says:

Seems quite cool but I'm waiting for BBM ;-)

CrackFachry says:

+1520 for BBM +920 for Flipboard yo!

milfermon says:

Didn't this app cause problems on IOS? I think I read something, but I can't remember where

I switch from iPhone to avoid this plague, yet it follows me.

procen says:

Yo can run but yo can't hide :-P

nyolc8 says:

I don't get what is this app do exactly so I send here a "Wat."

yellowbeer says:

That's nice, yo!


THE_Lawnboy says:

Wow! This must surely be a sign that WP has made it. It didn't take us 2.75 years to get a trending app.

Jazmac says:

We still don't have Flipboard for WP and probably won't ever see that. The flipboard crew is on the deceitful side as it turns out.

pgg101 says:

Flip board was neat at first but lost its novelty to me.

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cesar ruiz1 says:

I've got tons of friends who won't buy a WP because they can't live without flipboard. I don't like it I'm stuck with weave newsreader.

Jazmac says:

I use Flipboard on my Windows box.  I like it but they announced almost a year ago and not even a beta has shown up. They are a deceitful bunch and it took WP to expose them for who they are as a business.

SumairB says:

Eh? Android app on a BlackBerry?

TonyDedrick says:

I just responded up above about this. They responded to my tweet about the delay and said the app was coming and to sit tight. I know, no consolation for the wait. But it spoke volumes to me that there was a response

mango.lover says:

Kudos for improving Windows Phone's relevancy!

Last recently? :)

Ma Rio says:

Awesome, this was what I was waiting for!

Forget the app, laugh your butt off reading the reviews. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.justyo

DJCBS says:

LOL! +1

Thank for for that. It was the best comment out of the ton of stupid "yo"'s around here. I'm LMAO reading the Google Play reviews.

Naren Parker says:

The comments on the Play Store are über funny. Good laughs to start the day with :) and, oh btw, Yo :P

morpheusxp says:

Wow Android owners are severely mental. I've never seen such crazy shyte in a review. O_O

BaritoneGuy says:

For an even better laugh check out amazon for the reviews for the 3 wolf moon shirt. There is also a Bic pen that is pretty funny as well.

These reviews are very much modelled in the same style.

Talk4Lig says:

Yo everone typo

Yo, that was fast!!! Keep them coming!

I'm going to wait until Rudy Huyn improves upon the app.

He most likely won't because its already an official app

LOL. so much for my sarcasm.

Jazmac says:

I see what "yo" did there.  lol

Anubis4574 says:

The rollout for these trendy apps seems to be coming faster...i see light at the end of the WP tunnel!!

This app is trash

ruddevil says:

Yo yo yo whatsapp yo!

glassadam says:

I can't seem to even create a password at the signup page. Taps don't seem to register.

ariez84 says:

Wow...just when I was about to switch to an iPhone because of lack of innovating apps like this on WP8 platform, this app now available for Windows Phone!


Bratticus182 says:

Ooooh, do me yo-yo master I want you to do me cuz you're the yo-yo guy...

Ken Heslip says:

The sequel to "Yo" will be "Poke".

Akssingh says:

Yo.....funny......i am laughing at this app for last 3 min but don't know why,......

Terry Coombs says:

Why do I want an app to send a "Yo" when I can just text a "Yo" (or something that makes sense) instead!? Seems really lame - am I missing something here??? Ok, I installed it. Really lame.

morpheusxp says:

I said the same thing about Kik,WhatsApp,Snapchat etc. Apparently folks in other countries hate SMS.

eduardopl says:

App doesn't send"yos" :(

gentrt says:

Really, is this what takes platforms by storm? I'll takes 500k less apps because its 495 less apps that ate useless and crowd my platform

gentrt says:

I'm going to develop an hola app. Take ios by storm charge 1.99. Idiot 15 year olds.

Mdc84 says:

When I was a young teen - like 15 years ago - and all we had were feature phones, we used the "squillo": basically, you were supposed to ring a friend's phone but only briefly, with no picking up involved, just to let him/her know you were thinking about him/her. Usually, you would immediately receive a "squillo" back from that person. And that was it.
Kind of romantic :D

wizll says:

waste of space

SwimSwim says:

This is stupid...

DWTrump says:

Be on the lookout for my new app called 'Sup. Only $2.99, with in app purchases coming in a future version.

MSFTMatt says:

Yoyo ma endorses windows phone? No way!!!?? (being facetious)

erzhik says:

Just shows that you can make money on anything.

xankazo says:

Just waiting for BBM now.

Legitimate one star app. Doesn't work well. Great idea but can't add some users and well, Yo messages are unreliable.

kinaton says:

Another pointless app IMHO

Mooncow27 says:

Arrow to yo knee.

sugardad says:

I see what yo did there...

Deejay Ron1 says:

Yo... Don't mean to jump the subject, but whatever happened to the Tango app, Yo?

irsyadhhs says:

Yo man whatsup man. Yoo brah yoo

Yo, what you say now.....

Faraaz96 says:

Yo, What the f***? -_-

ajvanbreen says:

This app is so idiotic.

mayconvert says:

I wouldn't say " took ios and android by storm " ...

This app is So crappy that Apple kicked it out of the app store thinking it was a joke or not a finished app. 

Then when It got back into the store, 2 days later many web sites reported its such a craptastic app, there is No security built in and has been hacked.

This app was written in a single day in 8 hours. Complete garbage... 

onysi says:

So what is this useless space hogging app?

kinaton says:

No idea.. Only installed so I can register my nickname ;)

Jagar Tharn says:

this app is a security risk



So this is basically internet text messaging, except you can only say "yo"?...

psyhound says:

Yo dawg, I heard yo and yo dawg likes yo yos so we put yo dawg in yo yo yo so yo dawg can yo yo while yo yo yo.

Geddeeee says:

Really?? This is for the brain damaged. Too many messaging apps. Erm.... Not Yo.... No!!!!

hipporama says:

Yo f*** this shit

Dumbest app ever made. I saw this app on the news. Sending a fart sound is more logic than Yo.

taymur says:

Accessing Bing vision is a chore these days. :/

wpguy says:

Yo, I know. Yo, Microsoft?

Didn't this app had a security flaw

Kristijan87 says:

And it's apps like these that people crave and want and consider a measure of platform's success? :/ I wonder how many apps like this clutter the Google Play Store or App Store, just pumping up the sheer number of apps... It's quality that matters, not quantity... I bet 50% of apps in Google Play Store are fart apps and game clones :/

E Lizzle says:

See, if the guy who wrote "Yo" can port its massive, sophisticated codebase over to WP, anything can be ported!

ScubaDog says:

I've never ever heard of this.  Just another fringe messaging app.  Great.

joshtempler says:

I can't seem to receive notifications from Yo. You guys know anything?

crise says:

Yea it doesn't seem to work at all. I'm yoing an android friend and,he is yoing me, but nothing on both ends happens.