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Looking for a bargain? Grab the Lumia 930 on EE for just £350

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Lumia 930 now available in the UK, white color variant exclusive to Phones 4u

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You can now buy a Windows Phone at Microsoft's UK store

Microsoft is now selling Lumia phones through its UK online store. You can now order the Nokia Lumia 630, Nokia Lumia 1320, and Nokia Lumia 1520 from the store. The 630 will run you £129, the 1320 costs £329, and the 1520 can be had for £549.

All three phones are running Windows Phone 8.1. The Lumia 630 is an inexpensive phone with a 4.5-inch display, a 5-megapixel camera, and 8GB of storage. The 1320 is a mid-tier device with a 6-inch screen, and like the 630, it also has a 5-megapixel camera and 8GB of storage. The Lumia 1520 sports a 6-inch screen, a 20-megapixel camera, and 16GB of internal storage, which we called a solid 'phablet' experience.

You can check out all three devices on Microsoft's UK online store now.

Source: Microsoft Store UK



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c0wb0ycliche says:

They are running Cyan and 8.1? Does this suggest imminent launch?

immortalmatt says:

Bloody hope so!!

Same thoughts... Is Cortana around the corner for the UK too then?

Rem97 says:

It looks to be.

msirapian says:

As for me, the website states "WP8.1 ready" for the 1520 ; only the 630 is tagged as "comes with WP8.1"

Which means it's an old-build 1520 ready for the DP/official 8.1 launch.

630 is the only phone shipping with 8.1 on board.

tnadera says:

I just knew that lumia 630 is available at stores in Egypt

geral77 says:

Theres stores of Microsoft in Egypt ??

JoRdaNeK says:

Maybe we'll even get some US style reward schemes? I sure hope so :)

aitt says:

The letter a in the title made me chuckle

Duffau says:

Because it implies only one I guess.

fahdriyami says:

Meanwhile, is selling the 1520 for £350...

cybermoose89 says:

They don't have it in red on amazon though which is surprising considering how long its been out

fahdriyami says:

Regardless, unless the color is really worth over £200 to you, its a bargain over the MSRP.

cybermoose89 says:

Indeed was just saying tbh

Sharpmango says:

Indeed, i picked up mine for £370 a month back from gooddeals4you on Amazon.. Great phone, was Hong Kong settings but got that changed over just fine.. The fact Microsoft is selling however is in itself good news. This bodes well for the future. Especially when it comes to new launches, e.g L1030 etc

ratsta says:

They aren't all running 8.1 the 1520 &1320 are listed as 8.1 ready not running 8.1

topleya says:

Total rip off when compared to Amazon and other leading online retailers

Do Microsoft not understand competitive pricing?

scgf says:

The Google Play store is just the same - you pay more there for the Nexus 5, for example. Also iPads, Apple TVs etc. can be bought cheaper away from the Apple Store.

TheLiege says:

Only 16GB of storage on a international 1520?

cybermoose89 says:

No its 32gb mines international that's clearly a typo

colinkiama says:

It has SD card support though

1101x10 says:

Where did that earlier £89.99 reported price for the 630 come from. I haven't seen it anywhere.

Simon Chu says:

Carphone Warehouse are doing it on payg upgrade for £79.95, but I agree everywhere else it seems to be at least £99.99.

Chemilinski says:

Carphone Warehouse sell all their phones unlocked so just get one from there.
I got my 520 from them on O2.

MR Aziz says:

What about accessories?