Magnify News Reader is today's myAppFree deal – download it for free!


Nextgen Reader reader now faster and universal, major update now available


Weave News Reader returns to the Windows Phone Store after being delisted


Popular app Weave News Reader receives copyright claim from French company, may be delisted


Nextgen Reader updated for Windows 8, adds new Feedly Pro features and more


Weave newsreader teams up with Microsoft, delivers OneNote sharing for all users


Inbound Weave update brings Pocket support, redesigned Share screen and more. Here’s your first look

Windows 8 Apps+Games

Nextgen Reader for Windows 8 goes free, but for today only (Update: Price change rolling out with slight delay)

Windows 8 Apps+Games

Nextgen Reader for Windows 8 updated to v2.1 - new features and fixes onboard


Nextgen Reader gets updated with feed preview and more


The Huffington Post releases official app for Windows Phone 8; leaves room for improvement


Phonly adds option to download full articles in latest update


Deal Alert: Nextgen Reader goes free for Windows Phone, and 50% off for Windows 8


Weave for Windows Phone 8 syncs with Windows 8 and more in latest update

Windows 8 Apps+Games

Weave for Windows 8 updated with collapsible categories, mobilizer view and more


NewsSpot for Windows Phone updated, adds support for three additional sync services


Phonly adds battery-saver theme in latest update


Phonly updated with ability to open YouTube links in Metrotube and more


NextMatters and WPCentral team up to make Nextgen Reader free for 24 hours [Now Over!]


FOX NOW, HERE Explore, SophieLens HD and more are your app highlights of the week


What is your favorite news/RSS reader for Windows Phone?

News Reader

There are several apps on Windows Phone that let you keep track of news or topics of interest. Which one should you download? WPCentral forums member, sguy156, needs your input. Let him know your favorite news/RSS reader for Windows Phone.

A few apps have already been mentioned in the responses:

  • Weave – One of the oldest and most popular news reader apps available
  • NextGen Reader – A fast, clean, and supports both Windows and Windows Phone. It also connects with Feedly.
  • Phonly – A third-party Feedly app that looks great.

Forums member, Clodderes, also mentioned Magnify, but feels it's slower and that it uses a lot of data. Everyone has his or her own favorite. Which one is yours? Head over to the forums and let everyone know.

QR: Weave

QR: Nextgen Reader

QR: Phonly



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rikipy says:

Next Gen Reader > *

duk3togo says:

If you like tech news Geekbyte has them all beat.

aaa6112 says:

Nextgen Reader and Phonly. Two exemplary apps.

dysje says:

Last time I tried those they both lacked the ability to download an entire article in the app, meaning I'd have to click every stupid rss link after reading the snippet. Rubbish that Weave doesn't have. Since that clicking link and opening website rubbish costs a lot of time, I'm still Weave, until I find an app that's faster AND can do full article.

On a sidenote, I can't use nextgen anyway at the moment because connecting my feedly account to it gives me a certificate error.

aleunge says:

For the feeds that only show a summary, open an article from that feed and hit the three dots on the bottom. Go to edit source and change from mobilizer to ie. It'll grab the full article instead of just the RSS summary for that feed from now on. I think weave even syncs that setting across the two platforms.

bergdaniel says:

You can change that in settings in Phonly. Download full article.

dysje says:

Phonly only does that since a short while and this doesn't always work, not like Weave. Beyond that I have an amoled screen and for Weave I can set colours and fonts to my liking; Phonly not so much. Phonly isn't bad, but from the start it's been playing catch-up with weave in terms of features. Most new features are pure copies of what Weave has offered for years. I've used Phonly for a bit when Weave was down for a few days, but I just missed out too much in Phonly that Weave could offer. Only downside is that Weave is Windows8/WP8 only for sync. But I ditched most of my Android and iOS stuff for WP8/Win8 anyway.

Toby Naude says:

Yup cant live without it XD

Sathanous says:

Agreed... I've tried most of them and always return to NextGen, it's just the best of them IMO

stui83 says:

RSS central has been serving me very well for over a year now. Highly recommended if you want minimalism and fast content.

MediaCastleX says:

News, it syncs and belongs primarily to the platform...

PittaMan says:

Does that actually work well now? felt pretty terrible last I tried it, and loading full articles felt slow.

Those are the main 3 I use, although Weave had a serious issue not too long ago and I had to drop it.

bjax says:

What issue did it have? I only use Weave. I like that it syncs with my computer and tablet.

cesar ruiz1 says:

A full weekend without servers.

phonusmobi says:

weave beautiful but too slow... nextgen faster more than twise.

aleunge says:

agreed. Weave used to be super fast, but I think with the win 8 app and more users now, they've scaled back the speed ridiculously. And yes, often server issues, and they don't have a public log to notify of maintenance or issues so it makes it even more frustrating. You pretty much need at least two apps, weave and nextgen if you're serious about your RSS.

kenzibit says:

Weave but not anymore. App is not reliable and gives wrong count. Has lots of issues.

crise says:

Yes weave was, but it is only getting worse. Doesn't refresh anymore on startup and loadingscreen looks fucked, and so on.

thaman04 says:

They fixed it a few weeks ago :-)... it refreshes properly on startup now... and refreshes faster than before!

crise says:

Not fixed here..

aleunge says:

Yes. And live tile and lockscreen never work reliably.

Updates are scarce too.

DJCBS says:

Weave. Though it annoys me they haven't yet provided a transparent tile...

CrazyQwert says:

Mine is Collector atm

wizzackr says:

I so wish they'd finally as feedly support

CrazyQwert says:

Yeah, they are kind if slow when it comes to adding new features and stuff but it has the best reading experience compared to the other ones I tested. Everything in this regard is right: Text size, layout, controls. It's just fun to read in collector.

Beckie Evans says:

Nextgen Reader all the way. I flirt with others, but I always come back to it...

On a  completely unrelated note, #1 ToolKit has been unpublished from the Windows Store. I had to reset my phone today, and only found out when I tried to reinstall it. It's quite irritating as I only bought it a couple of weeks ago, and it was one of my favourite apps. :-/ Does anyone know why?

Naren Parker says:

Haha...even I wanted to understand why #1 toolkit was removed. It was a great app. I wrote to them a couple of days ago. Here's what they replied.

 Thank you for loving  # toolkit. Dont worry, now we are making big updates with 20  languages & fix  bugs . Toolkit will publish in the next few days. Next time, we not only publish the toolkit, but also many other apps. Please wait to see the exciting software from ccoolmedia.

Best Regards,

CcoolMedia team.

Good to see a positive response from them.


Beckie Evans says:

You beat me to replying! :-) I emailed them too, and got a similar response. It's actually pretty awesome that they're adding multilanguage support.

btbam91 says:

Bing News. I'm simple. :)

Talk4Lig says:

Can you in bing news add your own feeds though?

wps81 says:

You can add watched terms, but not exactly other RSSs. It is good enough for people who only watch certain topics.

Talk4Lig says:

That's a shame, microsoft should implement this feature for sure

alienking70 says:

Not true. You can add rss feeds to Bing News. just go to the site you wish to add, get the rss feed (right click the "subscribe" hyperlink and select properties, copy the url and paste it into the search bar in the add a source section. I've done it and just added another to be sure it sill works. Hope this helps.

alienking70 says:

You can add rss feeds to Bing News. just go to the site you wish to add, get the rss feed (right click the "subscribe" hyperlink and select properties, copy the url and paste it into the search bar in the add a source section. I've done it and just added another to be sure it sill works. Hope this helps.

gunjaninvit says:

Didn't work for me... It says the source wasn't found.

alienking70 says:

Message me, I'll help you out.

blackfire says:

Phonly is my main reader. I wish they had a Windows 8.1 version too.

Prudhvi Raj says:

Nextgen reader is good.. And news hunt too...

hwangeruk says:

Dude. Seriously nextgen reader. Has a win 8 version.

blackfire says:

I know, but I like Phonly design better. I know, my preference here is totally subjective..

Feed Me...then weave

rluka says:

Feed Me

I'm using Newsblur instead of Feedly.

mattdistro says:

Nextgen Reader here. I always prefer apps that I can install on my phone and my laptop.

Octonabz says:

Used to love Flux but they took forever to add non google feed login. Now using Nextgen reader and Flux.

exyaster says:

With Cortana/Bing News serving to personal taste, I've been using those two together.

gunjaninvit says:

I really don't know why I had to scroll this down to find Magnify... It's a great reader. IMHO, better than Weave

Its the best non google account backend rss ive tried yet. & today they remove the beta tag in an update & gave those users a free copy no more feed limits. Only feed ive had problems with was major nelson's blog rss feed(their site as it is needs a rendering update for wp)

James8561 says:

Weave is the best. they need to update it though.

paschott says:

Nextgen for me. I used to use Feed Reader until Google Reader shut down. They switched to some other solution as Feedly apparently would work with/for them. I use Feedly online and Nextgen for both Windows RT and WP.

matro says:

^100% same of paschott

i use Feed Reader on Windows Phone and Windows RT and love it still. It uses NewsBlur as the back end which has a real nice web interface. i know there is a paid version of Newsblur, but the free version covers everything i use.


i wish Feed Reader did a better job with the charm bar  "share" command.

e1tep says:

Feed Me :D

ScubaDog says:

I simply rely on Cortana.  I find most RSS to be worthless.

Per Bylund says:

Absolute ditto.

I'm with Collector atm!

WRider says:

Nextgen Reader, the best hands down

The Old Reader.  In the extra apps required.

crisszac says:

next gen reader works best for me.

HaibaneReki says:

+920 Fuse forever!

IamDefiler says:

Amen. Been using it since WP7.5.

Luc4 says:


Started to use Weave which has a few interesting features but I found missing is to view individual feeds. So for now I'll keep using Fuse plus it has a really nice layout.

1berto says:

+920 Fuse is the best!!

PeterFnet says:

For news? BaconIT is my door to the outside world.

vakama94 says:

Used Phonly but now I'm using NextGen Reader and it's very good. It'd be better if it added sharing to other applications.

KoenNL says:

News Live Tiles - an universal app that creates the most beautiful live tiles!

franix007 says:

Mainly Fuse, sometimes Magnify.

NokianWP says:

Readit (Readdit client) ;)

eharris55 says:

Phonly. It has a cleaner design and UX than nextgen reader and the readability function works well.

kromci says:

Swift reader

herbertsnow says:

RSS is dead, just follow stuff on twitter and read it in the people hub.

Nextgen...the best

blends says:

NextGen reader on my phone and tablet. I've tried most of them and just keep coming back to NextGen.

Nextgen for me... Works great on Win8 tablets, too

Blake Mabes says:

Flipboard, please come to WP8!

nyolc8 says:

Nextgen Reader on both WIndows Phone and on WIndows 8.1.

BigwaveMx says:

RSS Central is the best for me!!!

immyperez says:

Weave all the way!

MilkyTee says:

Magnify. Closest thing to Flipboard there is and the developer genuinely listens to feedback. He can design a fine looking app too.

It is a bit sluggish sometimes and its prone to the odd crash, but its won my heart and will only get better.

cesar ruiz1 says:

Magnify is nice but lags alot. Still haven't found an app that replaces weave.

seboogieboy says:

I just use simpirss

Talk4Lig says:

Fuse!! Rudy Huyn for the win ;)

HaibaneReki says:

+920 Ipsum is the best layout possible for a RSS reader ever

thaman04 says:

I used to love Fuse, but then Rudy abadonned it.  Weave all the way!

Talk4Lig says:

For me it's working flawlessly,so i don't need any other updates. Love it

kjblank80 says:

NextGen! Works on Phone, Surface, and PC

blends says:

NextGen reader on my phone and tablet. I've tried most of them and just keep coming back to NextGen.

crise says:

Too bad nextgen doesn't have as much news sources as weave.

dipayanster says:

Add your own feed maybe?

crise says:

Don't want to bother finding dozens of feed links from sites I don't even know or remember.

PlumsSF says:

Fuse. Rudy Huyn all the way.

rbmiller12 says:

NextGen here on phone and tablet, hooked in with Feedly.

duk3togo says:

If you like tech Geekbyte had them all beat. Hands down my place for all tech news.

Apuokenas says:

+920. Meanwhile, "Collector" needs some enhancements in dealing with custom feeds (saved collections disappear). Nevertheless, donated to/bought both.

XtiaN710 says:

This is the most stable and flexible of all readers out there. Go NewsSpot!

Xsled says:

I enjoy RSS Central quite a bit. It doesn't sync with a service, but it is simple and clean.

Magnefy and BDW it just exited beta so lets hope for its better future

FacilisDK says:

My Feeds by Patrick Robin. It's by far the most simple of them all. Fits my RSS needs perfectly.

dipayanster says:

I mostly use nextgen reader, but a very close competitor is flux. Others don't even come close.

vosManz says:

Modern Reader for me. It works with feedly, so I can sync it with the cloud. And I just want to read the news headlines. So I don't want all those images and unused space. Just a list of my feeds so I can see if there's something new, and a list of articles when I tap the feed name. Just perfect for me :-) Available for Windows Phone and Windows 8


Doutorphil says:

I now use nextgen, its faster and have more support, i used phonly alot but the lack of updates put me off, i would love the official feedly though...

iampwd says:

I hate that all use the webbrowser control for articles, if you scroll with finger on screen (not flick) scrolling is super choppy, like it's 10fps or something. I really hope MS will do something about that soon...

NickB1234 says:

And everyone is posting here rather than in the forum, because???

parez81 says:

Where's the damn poll?



+920 +520 +521

Newfangled says:

Nextgen Reader all the way.

thaman04 says:

WEAVE... here's why:

- Universal app (on both WP8.1 and Windows 8.1)
- NO STINKING GOOGLE ACCOUNT REQUIRED... Syncs flawlessy with OneDrive
- After the latest update, it refreshes so fast now
- OneNote integration
- Fav articles sync

Headline Tile !!!! Shows up to 20 of the latest rss headlines in a customizable livetile!

Easy!  Flux  FTW!

sumton says:

weave on windows and windows phone :)

Criss1272 says:

Magnify News !!! ;-)

NextGen Reader is not just my RSS reader; it is my favorite app!  It does a fantastic job, it is continually updated, and it is on my phone, my Windows 8.1 tablet, and my Windows 8.1 desktop.  We need more apps on WP and Win8 that are as high-quality as NextGen Reader.


DarkKrystof says:

If Zite falls under this category, that's what I use mostly.

Nextgen Reader :D

DarrenSproat says:

None... All seem to have annoying issues whether wrong count on live tile, poor design, or whatever... I use specific apps like wpcentral app many others that are very well done.

fishoa says:

Nextgen Reader 

Newsspot, because It supports newsblur and feedly

XtiaN710 says:

And The Old Reader!

isi mcf says:

The only RSS I need is wpcentral.

UKintel says:

Global news reader. Love reading the user comments on yahoo news. Live tile is really nice too

vafo says:

Definitely nextgen. Small player, big quality.

DavidinCT says:

Weave.... best app ever..

taekkwon says:

Pheeb (feedly client)... done.

Suhasa Su says:

Nextgen reader. FTW.

markiz says:

I am sad that Rudy Huyn has given up on his Fuse. It was the prettiest newsreader out there. it only needed feedly support.


As it is, now I use Nextgen because it's the fastest one.

Didn't see your comment right above me as I was posting. Glad to see someone else likes it.

No one ever mentions Fuse. It's the only one I've kept on my phone.

dagrepont says:

Nextgen Reader is just amazing. The Windows 8 version is even more awesome.

wpbazaar says:

Feed Me is the only one I've found that plays podcasts well from my feedly subscriptions. So I can overlook its other limitations (occasionally unauthenticates itself from feedly and has to be reconnected, slow sync, limited control over list format - I'd love to be able to get rid of the images on the lhs, unexciting workmanlike appearance)

Narr says:

I've used weave and nextgen, there latter is better for formatting content but neither of them sync properly with Feedly.

gonza1520 says:

I use weave news reader!!

ericmackrodt says:

If you wish, you could try my app, Feedsea, it currently a closed beta, but anyone can join.

gar216 says:

I have been using RSS Central since WP7.

Alphageek_UK says:

NextGen is by far the best reader on any platform.

germanorocha says:

Nextgen Reader! But i like Feedsea too.

Kadcidxa says:

NextGen Reader on both my WP and Windows 8.

mmcpher says:

Another NextGen Reader fan.  When Google chlorophormed Google Reader and gave everybody the kissoff, I migrated to Feedly and that keeps me tethered to NextGen on its own.  But NextGen is an excellent app if you have a long and varied list of feeds and need to access and share them quickly.   And its one of those developers that work to make their product better.

nasellok says:

Flipboard..... Wait....f-them, I mean Weave

jabtano says:

Magnify..Weave..Apply Geek.

cnbc86 says:

I tried them all. Love phonly

techjmw says:

NextGen Reader

os1019 says:

+1520 After nearly trying all the RSS readers Flux is my weapon of choice.

diftor says:

I use MetroBlur which is a client. Superb RSS client

RGandaraE says:

Weave so far.

chinlj says:

awesome2 is nice, but still lack of features as it is still new.

J_lR_d says:

I use NewsBlur for all my RSS reading on the web. I've found it a great replacement for Google Reader. I've been very happy with MetroBlur the WP8 client for NewsBlur.

RackDaddy says:

Couldn't agree more!  Never been a big fan of Feedly.

sdreamer says:

Weave. Doesn't rely on Google services.

MrDiamondJ says:

NextGen Reader is mah dawg yo

Marco Gomes1 says:

Divided between nextgen and magnify... Decisions decisions decisions...

I never see Flux getting the atention it deserves here. The best for me.

registradus says:

The only RSS reader I use is feedly, which like everything else is not available on Windows Phone.

girishN says:

Weave, because of speak article.

Does twitter count, if so then Mehdoh.

Nasimonair says:

NextGen reader..

Vishnu Hs says:

Weave all the way

Nextgen Reader! Been using it for as long as I can remember .

Next Gen Reader by a mile

Segmentality says:

I'm a big fan of Global News Reader, which provides customizable feeds from Yahoo News, a great news source with a lot of breadth. The app takes a really clean and simple approach, yet is feature-rich in terms of sharing, saving, and live tiles (it supports multiple live tiles representing different feeds).  Pretty awesome.

X0LARIUM says:

Can we safely conclude FlipBoard is never coming to WP?

YankoA says:

Nextgen Reader - for both WP and W8.

Using NextGen Reader and NewsSpot at the same and now a very long time. Both of them have advantages. NewsSpot is faster, a little bit more stable and more Sharing Options like direct Integration with Evernote. But NextGen Reader is more feature complete with feedly, here i can change my Subscriptions. I switch between both in a daily manner :-)

PradeepKr says:

NextGen Reader

mr_denali says:

NextGen Reader all the way. Best thing since sliced bread, eh.. Google Reader .

Hanno11 says:

Best news readers for buisness news is the

Simple Rss Reader

all you need

ChardJeffrey says:

my favourite(and only) newsreader is The Fifth. It is available for Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 8.1. The feeds/subscriptions sync between all devices. They are located at (windows8 store) (windows phone store)


johnieutah80 says:

Problem with Nextgenreader is the way it handles starred items.  You star an item but it is not immediately synced, which is unacceptable IMO.  You have to manually refresh the feeds to perform a sync.  On Windows 8 they sort of botch fixed this by having feeds sync when the app comes back from being tomb-stoned.  Which mostly worked.  But I cannot think for the life of me why starred items aren't treated like regular feeds and synced properly when you star the item.  This is how Phonly works and is one of the advantages to that app.

bergdaniel says:

Yeah, NextGen is great when you need offline capabilities. I designed Phonly to be an online-only app. I've personally never been a fan of manual synchronization. But I've also come to realize that I'm extremly spoiled with great WiFi and cellular connection (4G), which is a prerequiste for using apps like Phonly.

The next version of Phonly (Universal App) will most likely be a hybrid, where you can select which feeds that should automatically be synchronized to be available offline, but the default mode is online.

I've been using next gen reader for some time now.

patjay68 says:

Nextgen Reader