Zombies Night Out looking for beta testers, teases with video

Zombies Night Out by EvoFX studio is getting ready for release but before they do, the first-person zombie shoot'em up needs your help. That's right, you can get some early beta action going and see what the next big game for Windows Phone may be.

As posted in our forums, you can email the company to be a part of test driving the new game which is previewed above. The first person shooter powered by the EvoFX engine looks to be buttery smooth and lots of fun at this early stage (official release seems to be around April).

  • Beta is free and won't ever lock or stop working
  • Your name will be included in the credits
  • No NDA--tell everyone, make videos

We're not one to tell you what to do with your free time, but why would you not want to participate in this? If it sounds good, head to our forums to learn the details.



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incendy says:

This looks so fun!! It better not be blocked for violence grrrrrr...

Kadcidxa says:

They really do that? Anyway it looks impressive.

Is it a Live game? I only do Live games.

...really? ur missing out on a lot of top quality games by awesome indie devs..

hyperova says:

Yea pretty much, so many good games aren't live and are cheaper most of the time to I mean games are for fun not gamerscore

rfso says:

Glad to see it back from the dead!

WPSteve says:

It is only for Nokia phones???
It'd be cool to test on all sorts of devices.

willied says:

I don't think it matters.

1jaxstate1 says:

That looks awesome!

Aldoron says:

Why is, what looks like a mauser, firing shotgun shells? XD. Also, teh game looks fun :)

malik1#WP says:

Looking awesom

Reaction80 says:

Needs a SPAS-12.... Culling zombie apocalypses with military grade pump action shotguns is the only pleasure I have left in life... It's the simple things that please us.

EvoFxStudio says:

WPCebtral Thank you for the great review and sending info out to the public
we will give you a free ad inside the game painted in blod on one of the buildings
WPCentral - i hope this is OK keep supporting
i have resive a lot of mail , keep up comming
and some ask does in run on every windows phone
yes it does all the way back to the phones that where release to the public in 2010
you have to have an unlock windows phone and running mango 7,5

"we will give you a free ad inside the game painted in blod on one of the buildings"

Oh yes, you can definitely do this! Please go right ahead, permission granted :-D

Arun3 says:

And all this awesomeness on a single-core processor... Doesn't this say a lot to people who complain about "specs".... Especially those who are fixated on dual/quad cores!!!

Hmmm, not sure if I like this judging of what ppl chose to buy or not, at least in my case it has little to do with gamers ire, I just like to have all my entertainment centralized on Live, I also draw other lines such as not buying the same game on XBLA and WP, but then again, you can picture the guy on the other side when he uses lines like "ban this noob"... Really... "noob", are you 12? 15?

willied says:

I guess you didn't notice that he was spamming as well. And please, draw me a picture of what I look like.

It was spam. User was banned.

willied says:

Thanks. We need a report button and the ability to upvote.

ill test it it looks fun and i have been looking for something to do.