India: Print photos with the official Zoomin app, now available for Windows Phone

Photo Prints

Taking amazing photographs on your Windows Phone is one task. Printing them off is another, but luckily Zoomin (www.zoomin.com) now has an official solution now available on the store. Photo Prints is a sweet app, enabling consumers in India to order prints anywhere in the region, perfect for those who wish to keep a physical copy of captured memories. 

The best part about Zoomin is there's no requirement for users to locate a studio, nor are they required to use a PC to synchronise data, crop and edit photos to their liking. It's super easy to get started with the Windows Phone app. Simply select the photo (or photos) from your albums and choose from 6 available sizes.

Three finishes are on offer (matte, glossy and metallic), which will be applied to the high quality photo paper from Kodak. We mentioned editing photos, which comes in the form of tools to alter brightness, colour and even adding some filters to either improve the end result or create something unique.

Photo Prints

Zoomin offers both express delivery and a liberal return policy. Should you not be entirely satisfied with the end result, you'll be eligible for a refund or reprint. To place an order, all that's required is the photo, address, payment option and you're done. It's a well-designed app and is super simple for use.

If you're one who enjoys checking out bargains and offers available, you'll love some of the listings in the Zoomin app. There are two Lumia 1020 offers available, which will bag you 2 free 12x24 matte/glossy prints or 4 free 8x10 matte/glossy prints.

We recommend you check this app out, should you reside in India. Download Photo Prints by Zoomin from the Windows Phone Store for free. Please note that the service itself is not available worldwide, so don't moan if you're unable to use Zoomin. Thanks, Kumar, for the tip!

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rockstarzzz says:

Is there any global solution like this for rest of us?

vkvraju says:

Move to India, may be? :) :) :)

Tafsern says:

Then it's not global, and I would never move to India :)

SamiSaifDine says:

Online shipments maybe?

AML1 says:

Indian developers on a roll!! WP really an imp ecosystem to invest in

wonder1070 says:

USA!!! Come on!

I wish Microsoft heard it when Indians say "India come on" to bing services, Microsoft services, and all whatnots related to Microsoft's cloud services.

Tafsern says:

The world wants Bing...it would be amazing if they actually did that in April ;)

Ed Boland says:

We can always use something like this Walgreens app for photo printing services etc here in the good ole US of A...


As an Indian who moved to Canada when I was younger, I can testify the love Indians have for Nokia, growing up, each of ny family members had a Nokia phone and I've continued the tradition, we definitely do have an emotional connection with Nokia, Microsoft should be super thankful to Nokia, without whom, they could've never gotten the Indian mindshare.

Aashish13 says:

For wp to launch nokia was a great option to select as their device. Microsoft in India have mostly targeted their services on pcs which are their key business

Aashish13 says:

India is the growing and most imp wp market. I hope we will get local scout,bing music and other things with 8.1 update.

Pulak Vatsya says:

But the app is too buggu.slow.laggy.common,if you make,make something good :-\

hipporama says:

Not sure what you're talking about. Seems perfectly fine on my phone.

Shatznr says:

Anyone know of an app to print from your windows phone directly to your own printer?

Aashish13 says:

I don't know but there an app called camscannner which scans documents.

sugamanand says:

App is crashing like anything

mpt15 says:

I checked out the zoomin website. For the first time, I saw "available for windows phone and android, coming soon on iOS". We got something before iOS :)

BlackGoku says:

Strange Rich Edmonds and news for India.At first i thought this would be from Abhishek Baxi??