Zumba Dance

Zumba Dance comes to Windows Phone 8 with Kinect-like functionality

We've reviewed Zumba Fitness World Party for the Xbox One. The popular exercise and fitness game has now made the jump to a smaller screen - Windows Phone. Albeit, it's not the exact same game, but it is from the same developer and the same Zumba series. It's called Zumba Dance and it's now available for Windows Phone 8 devices. Let's check it out. 

Head to the Windows Phone Store and you'll see a new game from Majesco Entertainment. Zumba Dance brings one of the most popular dancing franchises to Windows Phone. With it you can expect to get feedback and encouragement while doing full dance routines. That's right. This game uses the front facing camera on your Windows Phone to give you a "Kinect-like" experience. Obviously it's not as accurate as Kinect, but it's pretty cool.

Zumba Dance

Zumba Dance offers rull routines, superstar Zumba instructors like Beto Perez, Gina Grant and Kass Martin. The game also features three hours of available routines with music from artists like LMFAO, Pitbull, Tieso, Kat Deluna, and Sean Paul. There are also original Zumba tracks available.

The game costs $4.99 and gives you a 20-minute workout. From there you can either purchase 3 pre-programmed 60 minute workouts or build your own playlist.

We're not seeing the game in the Windows Store yet, but we wouldn't be surprised to see a Windows 8 version real soon. In the meantime, you can go to the Windows Phone Store to grab Zumba Dance for Windows Phone. It costs $4.99 and doesn't include a trial. Download clocks in at 172MB, but you will need a phone with 1GB of RAM to play (Sorry Lumia 520 and friends).

Thanks for the tip Amir!

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stui83 says:

Sounds good, maybe kinect enabled phone on the horizen?

taymur says:

hmmm, phones with two front facing cameras? to enabl connect, and even 3d video calls. tehe

nath520 says:

No need to sorry, 520 does not have front facing Camera anyway

stui83 says:

Give them a mirror attachment and 512mb ram and we can all zumba

Bob101910 says:

If you aren't supposed to hold it while playing, I don't know why they don't have back camera support. Maybe you are supposed to hold it, but the screenshots don't show it.

pressstart says:

You're supposed to follow along with the video or trainer or whatever that's displayed on your phone, which is why it uses the front camera.
They clearly didn't build it with additional accessories in mind.

Shantek says:

How do you know what your meant to do if your using the back camera and not looking at the screen?

eroselim says:

This ^ hahaha.

sasukeluffy says:

Should've been Xbox Live ;(

neo158 says:

Really, you're still posting this rubbish after all the Xbox Games released recently!!?!

coip says:

Really? You're still condescendingly interrupting other people's conversations to tell them what they should care about, think about, and talk about?!?!? The world is bigger than you. Stop imposing yourself on others just because they don't share the same interests as you.

And yes, of course I am. Complacency achieves nothing but the status quo and the status quo isn't what some people want. Now go bug off and grow up.

James Ingram says:

Pass me a pillow...

DVELOPinc says:

@coip One could say the same to you as well. If someone doesn't care about idiotic achievements, what place is it of yours to force your beliefs on them.

coip says:

If one said that, he would clearly not be understanding what has just happened. I'm not forcing my beliefs about "idiotic" achievements on anyone. I replied to a post that lamented the lack of Xbox Live integration. I agreed with him (can't force my beliefs on someone who already agrees with me) and then provided him with information about a social movement whose beliefs are in line with him. In contrast, neo158 hijacked our conversation--something he has done countless times telling us that we shouldn't care about Xbox Live because Xbox Live is "idiotic" and other such nonsense. He's the one imposing his beliefs on us. I'm merely extending an olive branch to an ideologically similar individual. Not the same at all.

neo158 says:

I'm sorry, I didn't realise the comments were reserved for you only!!?!

neo158 says:

Thank you, I'm getting sick of the #SaveXboxWP brigade thinking that every game should be Xbox enabled, who cares, it's the decision of the developers not Microsoft as to whether they include achievements, so any complaints should be directed to the devs not Microsoft.

What exactly do you gain from achievements. I'll tell you, nothing.

coip says:

There you are, again telling people what they should or should not care about. We like Xbox features; get over it. We don't have to nor should we have to support any developer who doesn't provide us what we want, and you have no right to tell us otherwise. Yep, it's the decision of the developers as to whether the game will have Xbox integration, and it's subsequently our decision as to whether we will buy the game or not. We're not going around WPcentral, trolling your posts and telling you what to think and buy, so stop imposing your crap on us.

neo158 says:

What do you think you're doing now then, that's right, trolling and telling people what to think.

Pot. Kettle. Black.

coip says:

Clearly you don't understand what that expression means.

neo158 says:

Actually I do, and that's exactly what you are doing as well!!

Paul Acevedo says:

Neo, you need to give it a rest. Stop commenting on the subject.

sasukeluffy says:

Thanks Paul! My outlook inbox is exploding because of those WPCentral emails...

neo158 says:

Why, because you don't want me to, last time I checked I didn't have to get permission to post on here!!

Paul Acevedo says:

Let's see. Because we've received complaints about you and because the site staff told you to stop. Do I need to simplify it further?

neo158 says:

Ahh, so now you're resorting to insults. Care to point out where I was imposing myself on you!!?!

I suppose you're going to tell me where and when I can post next, don't even try it. No one tells me what to do, I'll post what I like, where I like, when I like and you aren't going to tell me any different. 

coip says:

I've done so many times but I'll simplify it for you: you're being rude. Here is what people who weren't born in a barn do when they encounter a conversation that doesn't interest them: nothing. Here is what condescending, egotistical sociopaths do: interject themselves into the conversation, tell the original interlocutors that they're wrong and that their discussion is inconveniencing them, and then demand that they stop talking about it. You're doing the latter.

This was a conversation about a game launching on Windows Phone without Xbox integration that recently launched on Xbox One with Xbox integration, which the original poster lamented. I then replied, in ideological agreement. Everything was perfectly on topic and relevant. You then pushed your way into the discussion with a condescending comment.

neo158 says:

Now who's being rude and condescending!!?!

tbonenga says:

^This^ a no buy for me

neo158 says:

If you only buy Xbox enabled games then you're missing out!!

coip says:

If Xbox features are what are important to his gaming experience, and this game lacks those features, then, no, he's not missing out. What you enjoy and what other people enjoy are not the same things.

Developers have said that having your games under Xbox Live takes longer for the game to become available and they lose some of their right on the game...
But you don't care about that all you want is your Xbox Live Points.

theefman says:

We care about WP platform features, let me know how you'd like new apps to drop live tiles and Modern UI from their designs, maybe you're ok with using apps and games that look and feel like ios and android but some of us want WP features in our WP games.

I care about the experience and watching the oS grow in market share. Having fewer games that support Xbox Live points in no way threatens the support of live tiles so making a silly claim like that sounds desperate.
I support your movement in heart but I refuse not to buy games because it doesn't have an Xbox Title attached to it...

TNTJudbud says:

What are Xbox Live Points anyways?

I'd like an explanation. Seeing how that has absolulty nothing to do with this article or anything you have posted thus far.

Sorry I meant Achievements which gets applied to your gamer score which is also a ranking system based on points.

What we've posted whether you feel it's related or not is a conversation or rather a debate of two sides based on games like this one. You don't have to agree or chose sides but that's what you've stumbled upon.

coip says:

Telling me that I don't care about developers means you don't understand at all what the #SaveXboxWP movement is trying to achieve. One of the main goals of the movement is making it easier for developers to add Xbox integration into games, particularly by incorporating the ID@Xbox program into Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 development. So why don't you read up on what we're trying to do instead of naively telling us what we do or do not care about: http://forums.wpcentral.com/gamers-lounge/249754-asphalt-8-not-xbox-title-lets-mobilize-reverse-trend-savexboxwp.html

If you say that you won't purchase games unless they have an Xbox Live title on it means that you don't care about the developer unless they support Xbox Live. At least the developer took time to make a game for the platform but instead of rewarding that developer you punish them by refusing to buy it no matter how great the game might be.

So you make your movement sounds noble because you say "make it easier for developers" however it sounds selfish if you stop supporting great developers who refused to create a game with Xbox in mind.

I wish more games carried Xbox Live titles but I'm not going to limit myself or the platform by only buying Xbox games...

Phone games are more to pass time while true gamers worry more about complicated console games... At least at this present time.

coip says:

I'm not running a charity here. If a game doesn't have the features I care about then I'm not going to spend my hard-earned money on it.

Lol then stop making it seem like it's for a greater cause and that you care about developers when your agenda is to get more points.

(validating my points here friend)

coip says:

The #SaveXboxWP movement is for a greater cause: making the Xbox certification process easier for developers, thereby making it easier for Xbox games to show up on Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 (and also increasing game sales for developers, since Xbox games sell better), thereby cementing Xbox games as a distinguishing feature from iOS and Android, thereby aiding the growth of Windows Phone and Windows 8/RT.

Or it may discourage developers since windows phone users don't buy games unless it's xbox related and that makes it a not so profitable platform for developers.

coip says:

Which is why we're trying to make it easier for developers--particularly indie developers--to get their games Xbox certified. It's a win for everyone.

TNTJudbud says:

Again! What are xbox live points & why do you keep bringing them up?

You have no valide point except that fact that you clearly have no idea what your talking about at all!

I'd like you to explain to us all the difference between Xbox live points that you seem to think we all get with a xbox enabeled wp game. To the actual Xbox Live Gamerscore?

It's obvious you have no idea so I'll educate you!

Xbox live points (Discontinued 2012) = Microsoft Xbox Live Virtual Currency!

Xbox live gamerscore = Not an Xbox Live Virtual Currency!

If it was setup how you seem to think it is, then everyone would have a WP cause who would want to pay for a game if xbox enabeled games pay us a discontinued virtual currency???

Again... I meant achievements.
Which technically has a point system and that's what I've meant. Thank you for your brief explanation on something very trivial and in turn completely missing the bigger point.

Achievements everyone..! Not Xbox Live points which have been discontinued back in 2012 according this guy (tnt) and I say that because I'm not going to waste my time and double check if this guy is correct or not. Hopefully most of you knew I meant Achievements and not actual Xbox Live points (which again have been discontinued in 2012)

tbonenga says:

It's"ACHIEVEMENTS" not points. And YES!!!! That's the whole reason I settle for a small screen (925) on T-Mobile USA. According to your on words it's a hassle from Microsoft. Sounds like a Microsoft problem and a simple fix. REMOVE the burden and hassle on the developers. There is a reason why W8P has such a small market share. The only W8P that really sells is the 520/521. It's not because it's a W8P it's because it's CHEAP!!!! Probably the cheapest smartphone you can buy. Come January 27th I'm eligible for Tmo's Jump program. Because of WEAK Xbox games as of late I'm considering a larger screen android. I'm sure I'm not alone either. I know there's alot of people that got a W8P for Xbox Live. Since live is fizzling out I bet there's alot of people considering jumping ship. Microsoft needs to do something before it's to late if they wanna Save W8P.

nbolmer says:

No, that's objectively false. That's like saying a movie is bad because it didn't come with an outtakes reel. It's a stupid reason not to play a game, period.

coip says:

There is no such thing as objectivity in determining what is valuable or not to an individual consumer's purchasing decisions: beauty is in the eye of the beholder; one man's junk is another man's treasure; I could go on and on. You may see Xbox features as being equivalent to bloopers on a DVD, but other people see them as the feature film. Telling someone who isn't buying a game because it lacks something very important to them that their reason for not buying the game is "stupid" is incredibly condescending.

My problem with this movement is it claims to help developers by not supporting great games unless it carries an Xbox Title.
WTF?! How is that helping developers???
I support great games if my budget allows it whether it has an Xbox Title or not and I encourage everyone to do the same so developers will think of us when developing the next "big game".

coip says:

The counterargument to that is that if you reward a developer for releasing a game that lacks features you want, they'll have no reason to release any future games with said features. That is, you would be cementing the status quo. And for some people, that status quo is not what they want. It's a free market and they have no obligation to spend money on products that don't meet their needs and wants. I don't understand why anyone would expect a stranger to spend their hard-earned money on 'supporting developers' who release games they aren't interested in. Unless someone has personally bought all of the apps in the Store, they aren't really in a position to tell others to buy apps that they don't want.

Regardless of that, though, the movement is a separate thing, working tirelessly to help developers by lobbying Microsoft to extend the ID@Xbox movement to the Windows Phone, which will make it easier for all developers, big and small, to publish Xbox games on Windows Phone. Thus, if you are about games on Windows Phone, and the growth of Windows Phone in general, I don't see how you could not support this movement.

I don't expect anyone to spend money on something they don't want however I would never discourage anyone on trying something just because it goes against what I think. Everyone has the freedom to do what they want and if that is purchasing games that don't carry an Xbox Title then so be it...
I agree that Xbox Live Titles should be less complicated for a developer but that's Microsoft's issue. I disagree in boycotting games just because a developer refuses to make it an Xbox Title... There's other politics involved and the bottom line there's very little incentive for the developer at this time. You movement is trying to change that but at the cost of the developer. Boycotting games discourages developers in creating more games for the windows phone platform especially in a time that we're getting more support from developers who have proven themselves...

Xbox Support needs work but I think you guys are going about it the wrong way if your solution is boycotting and encouraging others to boycott non Xbox Titles.

It's my platform too as much as it is yours but I think your solution does more harm than good.

tbonenga says:

WTF??? You have a right to buy whatever game you want. My choice is XBOX LIVE or NO BUY. Not only will I not buy it I'm not even gonna try it on a free trial.

I never said "don't buy" I said "I encourage everyone to support developers who are developing for windows phone & making great games" and I stated the reason. I can careless what games you miss out on just because "you" warped your way of thinking and believing that only Xbox titles are worth getting. Xbox or not I will purchase or try any game I want if "I" think the game is worth it.
My only problem with this "movement" is that they are trying to make everyone believe that the windows phone culture is at risk if you don't support it & that is completely false.
I WANT MORE XBOX TITLES but not to the point that i will stop buying great games because they won't support "my achievements..."
If you decide to boycott non Xbox Titles so be it but to me it's a little childish and counter productive when it comes to developer support.
I wouldn't want to develop for a platform who hasn't proven it self, has a poor market share and has users that are demanding Xbox Live titles or else they won't buy... The middle finger to them & I hope they fail... I would develop for android and ioS who have a greater market share and can demand stupid things like achievements. That's the bigger picture!!!!

jibreezy1982 says:

What if some of us own ps3's or 4's??

tbonenga says:

This is the stupidest comment yet. Still I'll answer since this seems to go over your head.
If you have a W8Phone it's a XBOX LIVE ENABLED PHONE. It has the ability to give you achievements if developers go the extra step. W8Phones are not affiliated with that second class gaming system known as PS3/4.
Your W8Phone will automatically create you a gamertag and you'll start earning achievements when you play XBOX Games.

TonyDedrick says:

This argument....lol. Bottom line, if achievements are important to you, then nobody can tell you otherwise. I do agree that one is missing out games and apps if achievements and whether an app is metro or not. Personally, if the game is fun or if the app is functional, I could give two craps about achievements or whether it's metro.

(thumbs up)@tonyDedrick

Another Majesco game, another one that isn't available here in Brazil... :(

J2theL101 says:

Finally the article came! :) Installed it AS SOON AS I saw it on the store. I love Zumba now!

Cool app. But now we want GTA SA. :(

Z3MN says:

Sam, video review please! :D

sholokov says:

Qadri sahib, why do you have a link to a snowfall video on WPC? Do you just want to get hits on your YouTube video?

haamid_qadri says:

Half true ;) ......ba the real reason is to show the quality of my lumia

cckgz4 says:

do the other platforms have this??

sip1995 says:

Nice app but only for 1 GB ram. Hopefully I purchased the Nokia Lumia 920 for 250€.

fireball24 says:

I wonder how fast the battery drains with this game..

l520user says:

Was anybody else expecting tr2 and subway surfers to release on 512 ram phones by new year

Marco Gomes1 says:

Yeah... Definitely not my "beach", but it's cool to have plenty of options.

Arango0818 says:

If only windows phone 8 was able to connect to your tv so that you can get a larger image.

KasakDesign says:

Exactly. I feel like other phones have this feature.

Wtf... Developing new apps for lumia 1gb ram and what the matter for 512mb ram

DVELOPinc says:

You would have thought it was Christmas day all over again when I showed my wife Zumba was available. If she has one obsession, I'd say it would be Zumba, lol.

How about a full video review Sam? Maybe the whole Wpcentral gang can join in.