Zune Pass and more going beyond US and UK

Having bought my partner (who resides in Turkey) the HTC Trophy as she's smart and didn't want the iPhone or limited Android devices available (Turkey is horrible for smartphones, had to buy the Trophy here in the UK), I know second hand how frustrating it is for someone to use services on their WP7 outside supported countries. She gets by with Xbox Live and the Marketplace working fine with my bank card on file, but we've had to use workarounds and more to get the base line functionality working.

While we haven't attempted to get Zune Pass working with OTA music streaming, it seems there are plans for services to be moved beyond the US and UK so hopefully everything should work when Microsoft enhance their coverage (doubtful Turkey will be included). Joe Belfiore (Corporate Vice President of WP) mentioned, while enjoying the Mango Twitter integration, that there are plans in the works to expand the Zune services along with speech and more. This would definitely be a step in the right direction, especially for countries that don't have the services to cater for smartphones. 

We will keep an eye on the Windows Phone Team blog for more detail when released.

Source: Twitter, via: 1800 PocketPC

Update: Andrew Birch has posted a table which will be updated as country support is updated, very handy to bookmark and keep an eye on it!



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Samsteele says:

C'mon Canada!

Jay Bennett says:

It'd be great to have the full Zune pass service in the UK as well, that 10 songs to keep a month deal really needs to make it's way over here!

futurix says:

That's the only thing that stops me from subscribing. I don't want to pay MORE than Americans yet get less.

Rich Edmonds says:

I have the sub just because I can then use it on the 360, phone and PC, but the 10 songs for free would be great I agree. For the time being, the ability to download songs for free offline playback on the PC and WP7 device is okay for now.

fluxx says:

Although a Zune Pass would be nice for Germany too, I'm much more waiting for a better Bing Maps and Search integration for countries other than the US and UK.I'm missing Google Maps and its local searches so much, I really hope the Windows Phone Team is working on that one!

rsuter says:

yes i really miss the local map searches i had on my android device. bing maps is not very useful here in switzerland too.

Solidstate89 says:

I would imagine that would get MUCH better once Ovi Maps is integrated into WP7.

Rancorbeast says:

Same situation here in Canada, it's bad enough that I have to "defend" having something else than a bloody Iphone... it get ridiculous having to explain why I can't buy songs from Microsoft... it's 2011 and I cannot buy songs from Microsoft.It was the same when I bought a zune... no marketplace in Canada...I can't explain why by the way... there never was an official explanation.So I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Nataku4ca says:

the official "finger pointing" is at the music labels apparentlyim in the same situation as u, also in Canada, knows MS has fantastic devices but plenty of apple zealots around me(just glad i have comrades too though)

KingKobe says:

Same here. In Canada and doing a better job of marketing it to my friends than Microsoft lol!

I've got a table of the current worldwide availability of Windows Phone 7 Services such as Bing & Zune here: http://andrewtechhelp.com/andrews-tech-opinions/126-windows-phone-7-feat...I will continue to update this table throughout the next few months as Microsoft makes their announcements!

Rancorbeast says:

Thanks for the update sir! Sadly Canada's line on the chart has not changed. I'd really really like to know why Microsoft can't get music here...

Rich Edmonds says:

Nice one Andrew, will add it into the article :-)

jc0196 says:

Hong Kong? lol, but seriously...